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Free The Nipple!

Picture this: the sound of a children’s choir singing ‘Good Vibrations’ by the Beach Boys, while you see a group of women run down a New York street. As they do so, they remove items of clothing to be bare-chested, with pink and blue capes billowing out behind them.

This is a scene for a trailer for a new film, Free the Nipple, about a group of women who seek the same right as a man to walk down a street on a hot summer’s day stripped to the waist. It has been legal for a woman to do that since 1986, but as late as February 2013, the New York City Police Department has had to remind its officers not to cite or arrest a woman for ‘simply exposing their breasts in public.’

It’s a comedy, with a serious message about gender equality and not seeing female breasts any more sexually arousing than those found on men. To achieve that, society needs to change substantially and it is the same kind of change that will see naturism being more widely accepted. Therefore this film has the potential to help naturism’s cause as much as that of equal rights for women.

The producers are trying to raise US$250,000 through crowd funding to distribute the film and you can learn more about it, and see the trailer in full, by going to their Fund Anything website: Free The Nipple.

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