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public nudity and the law

You & the Law v6

You might be wondering when the next version of the You & the Law leaflet will appear, having promised it some months ago.

Our progress towards publication had gone quite well and we sent a prototype of the final document to a friend of ours, who happens to be a retired solicitor, to try out. It was he who raised the question: is this something that NAG should be doing? He pointed out that British Naturism have published documents with a similar purpose for England and Wales, and more latterly, Scotland.

We are pleased that BN decided to follow our lead in this and have taken it further than our own resources would allow. A discussion at the spring meeting for the Management Collective came to the conclusion that publishing another You & the Law leaflet would mean we are just duplicating work already done and that is not what NAG is about. So we make a strong suggestion to make use of the excellent BN publication: Public Naturism and the Law. You will find buttons for the most appropriate document for you to download for free on the right hand side.

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