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Naturism in Politics

Although we often deplore politicians and their antics, always suspecting their motives for being in politics in the first place, I think we would actually miss them, if they weren’t around living socially as we do. Otherwise, who will organise the things we say should be done for, and paid by, all of us? So the short election campaigns we have every so often is the price we pay for the convenience of not having to sort it all out ourselves.

This is why a man found himself trying to answer some tricky questions from Angela Russell, BN President, recently. Questions like, “What will [your party] do for naturists [in] the Coventry area?” and “What will [your party] do to protect the rights of naturists?” Of course the gentleman didn’t have a clue what his answer should be, these questions being sprung on him out of the blue but he eventually came back with, “… if I get elected, I promise to come back to you [and] discuss all the issues you have. You caught me out tonight, but I promise I will find out how I can support you….” This is, of course, code for ‘If you vote for me and I get elected, I might come back to you and discuss these issues but for now, I haven’t the foggiest idea of what to say.’ For as we know, few politicians ever keep their promises.

Angela did think there was one glimmer of hope for this politico though, as he admitting he had tried naturism once, when in France. When and in what circumstances were apparently not discussed but they were hardly relevant to the discussion at the time.

I hope, in a strange way, that he was elected and Angela contacts the man to hold him to his promise, even if it was a political one and counted for very little. It would be very interesting to learn what he has to say now. Will it be different from when he was seeking Angela’s vote, I wonder?

Looking around the table during NAG’s management meetings, I am unable to say with any confidence what party any of my companions usually vote for, if they vote at all. It could be any of the three main parties, or it might be one of the others, as we leave politics aside and concentrate on furthering the acceptance of naturism in the UK. But love it or loath it, politics invades every aspect of our lives as demonstrated by Angela’s doorstep conversation with a would-be local councillor. We cannot escape it, even if we choose to ignore it between the times we are asked to put a cross on a slip of paper, or to number the candidates in order of preference.

One of the Naturist Action Group’s goals has been to attending the party conferences of the main political parties, in order to educate attendees about naturism and influence their decisions that way. Other organisations that have a bearing on naturism also have conferences and it would be important to attend those too. True, NAG doesn’t have the resources to carry out this plan at the moment, but some day I hope we shall.

In the meantime, you might like to do a bit of micro campaigning? It is easy to contact your local councillor and attend one of their surgeries. Most libraries will have information about where and when these are held, or email addresses, if you’d rather not visit in person. You can ask them similar questions as those asked by Angela Russell, or perhaps you can think up of one or two of your own. If you do get an answer, a sensible one that is, don’t keep it to yourself tell us here in a comment if you like, but certainly tell your local naturist club. I’m sure they could make use of the information gained.

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