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Naked protest on the radio

Please don’t take this as an endorsement for or against Brexit, but economics professor Dr. Victoria Bateman sat in Radio 4’s Today studio naked making the argument that Brexit leaves Britain naked.

How do I know this? It was videoed of course and put up on the BBC News website.

Presenter John Humphreys suggests the nudity only brings attention, it doesn’t advance her arguments – a point I’ve made before – and look at Humphreys’ face as he visualises Jacob Rees-Mogg taking up Dr Bateman’s invite to argue his corner naked.

Anyway, what do you think; does it advance Dr Bateman’s argument or hinder it? Does it do anything for naturism?

London Dancers Needed

Another message from our European friends in Naktiv, urgent this time:

Subject: [Announce] Call for naked dance volunteers in London
Message-ID: <20130101230804.GN21747@thpad>
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii

Dance artist Leda Franklin is looking for around twenty ‘real’ people to form a
naked chorus during a twenty-five minute piece of contemporary dance at The
Place in London on 18 January as part of the Resolution! 2013 festival there.
The nakedness is a comment on our sameness, our difference, and our

Nude Walking Holiday, Portugal

The Following information has come via our German friends in Naktiv:

Naturist news from the Alentejo, Portugal, December 2012.

Walking Holidays on the Rota Vicentina.

More than 340kms (210 Miles) of marked walking routes and trails have recently been
inaugurated in south west Portugal stretching from the town of Santiago de
Ca?em, in the Alentejo to the Cape of Saint Vincent, Portugal’s Land’s End, in
the Algarve. The Alentejo section of the Rota Vicentina follows two
distinct paths, an inland “Historical Route” and a coastal “Fishermen’s Trail”,
each passing within a few kilometres of Naturest Milfontes.

From the spring of 2013, we will be offering a programme of walks for our
guests. Over four days we will take walkers to the starting point of a section
of the “Historical Route” or the “Fishermen’s Trail” each morning and arrange
to pick them up in the afternoon at the finish point 20 – 25kms away.

On each of the four days, the walk will either finish close to an official
naturist beach or pass by an unofficial naturist beach during the walk.
So walkers can also enjoy the pleasures of some of the wonderful Alentejano
naturist beaches during a break for lunch or at the end of an exhilarating

Alteirinhos Alteirinhos. Furnas. Furnas

Malhao Malh?o. Salto. Salto

Then on their return to Naturest Milfonte, walkers can relax in our Canadian
hot-tub and Finnish style wood-burning sauna before dinner.

If four days does not seem enough time to enjoys the delights of this
beautiful region, we can extend the programme to up to ten days to take in
further sections of both the “Historical Route” and the “Fishermen’s Trail”, a
little further afield from Naturest Milfontes. Although most of these
additional days will be spent along the “Historical Route”, one or two will
still finish close to an official naturist beach.

For further information and prices, contact us by email at

Full programme details will be published on Naktiv’s website later this month (January).

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