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Naturist Picnic – London

The London naturist picnic planned for Saturday 25 June has been postponed due to it clashing with other naturist activities. It will now take place at a large north London open space during the afternoon of Sunday 3 July. Naturists to bring their own picnic items.

For further details contact Harvey on windbag96 AT DOT uk. A phone number will be given to intending participants, to check on the morning if the weather looks doubtful.

Posted on behalf of:
John Paine   NAG co-ordinator of London work

Time to Close the Petition

For some months now, NAG has asked people to support our campaign for open space naturism in London, taking its inspiration from the German parks like those in Munich. We have received a lot of support, not only from those in the London area but from many other parts of the UK and Europe too. It has got to the stage where we need to do something with the data we’ve collected and in order for us to do that without having a moving ‘target’ NAG’s Management Collective have decided to bring the petition to a close.

We thank everyone who has participated and will let you all know what we shall be doing with the information once we’ve scrutinized the entries and compiled the report. In the meantime, the links on our website to the petition have been disabled and its appearance will be amended in time.

Reg Barlow

Is public naturism socially harmful?

by John Paine (posted by Reg Barlow)

How valid is the argument that casual open space naturism is harmful and causes distress to others? The police and other authorities often use it when taking, often highly publicised action against naturists, usually lone males. This line is stated without substantiation by some with zealous religious views, though not by members of the Christian Naturist Fellowship, while people with bigoted and prejudiced views sometimes use similar statements.

Lots of naturists enjoy open space naturism at many places in the UK, when the weather allows. As naturists we know that only in a few extreme cases does public nakedness offend some people, yet we do not have the evidence to prove this as a fact. All is about to change, through a new Naturist Action Group (NAG) project on collecting data, by using a Casual Naturism Report form, with your help.

Yes, I know that there are now many WNBR rides in the UK where nudity on town and city streets does not offend ordinary citizens. It is the WNBR movement itself which introduced the concept ‘bare as you dare’ to their campaign, to highlight the unprotected nature of cyclists on our crowded roads. They allied this with an oil-dependency protest. In a symbiotic relationship thousands of naturists have flocked to support that twin cause. In doing so many, particularly young, people have embraced public nudity through the WNBR. Together they have delighted tens of thousands of onlookers along the WNBR routes. Significantly, no serious legal challenge has been mounted against nudity in any WNBR ride that has taken place in the UK to date.

HP Golden Girls

WNBR Riders

While mass nudity in public is one thing there have also been countless occasions when naturists have enjoyed open space nudity in a discreet way. This continues on countryside and coastal public footpaths, in fields and moorlands, on beaches which may not be ‘official’ naturist beaches. And of course some naturists are lucky enough to be able to do so in their own gardens. Yet we have seen many cases of legal action, initiated by people with a bigoted view towards the naked body and the personal freedom of others.

In some cases a successful naturist challenge has been that the ‘legal evidence’ of what actually happened was flawed. However, the naturist movement has appeared unable, up to now, to counter the fallacy that a naked human body is inherently a distressing sight. With your help NAG wants to collect evidence to disprove the fallacy.

NAG exists to promote naturism and to educate people about it. NAG is running

Hampstead Heath Latest

Posted on behalf of John Paine.

Notes arising from last month’s meeting from the Hampstead Heath Naturist Project Group have now been released to the public and can be accessed by the link provided. John Paine, said there has been more ideas generated and good progress is being made by this group, but its aims will not be achieved overnight. We need those naturists who participate in, or have an interested in, urban naturism to come forward. As with the rest of NAG, people can commit to as much or as little as their non-naturist life allows. Your moral support is equally welcome, but we shall need to know who you are.

If anyone wants to discuss the content of these notes or offer their assistance then John can be contacted through his email: john.paine AT naturistactiongroup DOT org

Naturism in London IS Happening

In the latest series of articles about The London Question for H&E Naturist, John Paine explains that London isn’t as bereft of naturists and naturist events as we first thought. More can still be done however and now that the small matters of the Queen’s jubilee celebrations, the Olympics and Paralympics are almost over, NAG is looking to resuming its investigation. Read John’s article Naturism is happening in London prior to publication.

Demonstrators Wanted (part 2)

It has been pointed out to me that in my enthusiasm for taking The London Question beyond the naturist community that I have been clumsy with my words. The use of the phrase “flash-mob type” has given the wrong impression to people for which I apologise.

This year, London has already played a major part in the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations and, of course, we are currently enjoying the Olympics. For both events the Metropolitan Police Service has – is – mounting large security operations and we saw no strategic advantage for naturism in adding to their woes. This summer we shall be conducting a “proof of concept” and quieter demonstration at a time and date yet to be determined, with just a few selected participants. Next year, well that’s another matter entirely and NAG will not rule out civil disobedience as a means to gain publicity for issues that effect UK naturists.

I am sorry to disappoint anyone, and hope you are still interested in helping us to put naturist issues before the public then contact us with your email and/or mobile number. Please read our privacy policy and be assured that your details will not be passed on to third parties or used for any other purpose. Thank you for your assistance.
Yours sincerely
Reg Barlow,
Chairman, Naturist Action Group

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