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Naturism in Politics

Although we often deplore politicians and their antics, always suspecting their motives for being in politics in the first place, I think we would actually miss them, if they weren’t around living socially as we do. Otherwise, who will organise the things we say should be done for, and paid by, all of us? So the short election campaigns we have every so often is the price we pay for the convenience of not having to sort it all out ourselves.

This is why a man found himself trying to answer some tricky questions from Angela Russell, BN President, recently. Questions like, “What will [your party] do for naturists [in] the Coventry area?” and “What will [your party] do to protect the rights of naturists?” Of course the gentleman didn’t have a clue what his answer should be, these questions being sprung on him out of the blue but he eventually came back with, “… if I get elected, I promise to come back to you [and] discuss all the issues you have. You caught me out tonight, but I promise I will find out how I can support you….” This is, of course, code for ‘If you vote for me and I get elected, I might come back to you and discuss these issues but for now, I haven’t the foggiest idea of what to say.’ For as we know, few politicians ever keep their promises.

Angela did think there was one glimmer of hope for this politico though, as he admitting he had tried naturism once, when in France. When and in what circumstances were apparently not discussed but they were hardly relevant to the discussion at the time.

I hope, in a strange way, that he was elected and Angela contacts the man to hold him to his promise, even if it was a political one and counted for very little. It would be very interesting to learn what he has to say now. Will it be different from when he was seeking Angela’s vote, I wonder?

Looking around the table during NAG’s management meetings, I am unable to say with any confidence what party any of my companions usually vote for, if they vote at all. It could be any of the three main parties, or it might be one of the others, as we leave politics aside and concentrate on furthering the acceptance of naturism in the UK. But love it or loath it, politics invades every aspect of our lives as demonstrated by Angela’s doorstep conversation with a would-be local councillor. We cannot escape it, even if we choose to ignore it between the times we are asked to put a cross on a slip of paper, or to number the candidates in order of preference.

One of the Naturist Action Group’s goals has been to attending the party conferences of the main political parties, in order to educate attendees about naturism and influence their decisions that way. Other organisations that have a bearing on naturism also have conferences and it would be important to attend those too. True, NAG doesn’t have the resources to carry out this plan at the moment, but some day I hope we shall.

In the meantime, you might like to do a bit of micro campaigning? It is easy to contact your local councillor and attend one of their surgeries. Most libraries will have information about where and when these are held, or email addresses, if you’d rather not visit in person. You can ask them similar questions as those asked by Angela Russell, or perhaps you can think up of one or two of your own. If you do get an answer, a sensible one that is, don’t keep it to yourself tell us here in a comment if you like, but certainly tell your local naturist club. I’m sure they could make use of the information gained.

St. Francis Nude Parade – Thursday, June 26 at Noon

A message from Gypsy Taub via

Dear body freedom supporters,

Let’s celebrate the 238th  anniversary of San Francisco by honoring Saint Francis on

THURSDAY, JUNE 26TH at NOON,  International Shrine of St Francis at 610 Vallejo St, SF

San Francisco was named after Saint Francis who was a Catholic preacher and a noted nudist. Body freedom is our birth right!

Join us for a body freedom parade and rally to commemorate Saint Francis on the 238th anniversary of San Francisco.

Walk down Vallejo Street to the International Shrine of Saint Francis of Assisi at 610 Vallejo from the dead end of Vallejo St between Kearny and Montgomery St

Body freedom activists will stage Saint Francis Parade on San Francisco’s 238th anniversary in front of the National Shrine of Saint Francis whom San Francisco was named after.

Saint Francis was an Italian Catholic preacher and one of the most respected religious figures in history. He renounced possessions, and rebuilt small churches.

“I shall go naked to meet my naked Lord.”

These were the words St Francis of Assisi addressed to his father in one of the most well-known scenes from his life.

Francis had taken some of his merchant father’s finest materials to raise funds to rebuild the Church of St Damian. For this act his father brought him before the court. The trial took place before the bishop and his court in the presence of merchants and townspeople.

In response to the charges laid against him, Francis proclaimed: “I return not only my money, but also my clothes. I shall go naked to meet my naked Lord.” At which he stripped off all his clothes, threw them to his father and walked off naked.

When he preached in the nude, the townspeople in Assisi first laughed at him  but then were won over by his words.

The San Francisco nudity ban is a shameful act of outrageous hypocrisy especially in light of our cultural and spiritual history. We will be marching naked in solidarity with the holy man who was such a beacon of inspiration to our people that our city was name after him. Saint Francis was a nudist in the 12th century. It?s time that our society catch up with his ideals and his vision.

THANK YOU ALL WHO DONATED in the past month, we raised $550 – THANK YOU!

PLEASE CONTINUE SUPPORTING US – WE NEED TO PAY OUR LAWYER –  we are submitting our amended complaint next week and the case will be moving forward. Please paypal your donations to Please email me if you would rather use a different way of sending money. THANK YOU!

MyNakedTruth(dot) TV

US Approval

It appears that our efforts to gain equality under the law with more consistent decision making by the Police, the CPS and the courts has gained approval from nudist social commentator Larry Darter, who writes for His article, American Nudism: time for a proactive approach, can be read in full by clicking on the link.

To be fair, they already have the Naturist Action Committee (NAC) and Naturist Education Foundation (NEF), both of which are closely allied to The Naturist Society but they do not derive an income from it. Like ourselves they live and breath by the money donated by naturists/nudists who agree with their goals, and as always, money, time and people is a

Report on the “ACPO Project” & Uptake of the CPS Guidelines

For over 2 years NAG has been leading a joint project with BN to address the issue of how the police and Courts deal with naturism. As part of this, we have produced the following report of our survey on the adoption of the new CPS guidelines.  This report has now been sent to the Association of Chief Police Officers, The Association of Police & Crime Commissioners, The College of Policing, and the Director of Public Prosecutions (head of the CPS). We have asked for a meeting to discuss our findings. This project will continue by cooperative consultation, and when there are any significant developments they will be reported here.

Apologies for any loss of formatting of the report in posting it here


Joint report on the study of the uptake of Crown Prosecution Service Guidance ‘Nudity in Public –

Guidance on handling cases of Naturism ’[September 2013],  by Police Authorities in England & Wales. 

Executive Summary:

  • Police & Crime Commissioners do not consider consider ensuring consistent and accurate application of the law in this respect, to be their ‘business’.
  • Police & Crime Commissioners do not consider saving money by avoiding mistakes to be their ‘business’.
  • Inconsistent responses and intentions from Police Forces.
  • Low priority given to inclusion of CPS Guidelines in Police training
  • Slow and patchy uptake of the ‘new approach’ generally.
  • Little acknowledgement for the need for change within Police Forces, despite the CPS Guidelines.


Background & Reason for the study

There has been increasing concern within the naturist community in recent years, at the attention naturism has occasionally attracted by the police. Though there have been many instances of police reacting proportionately and appropriately to reports of nudity in public places, there have also been incidents, sometimes resulting in prosecutions. As a result we began to gather data on these incidents with a view to approaching the Authorities to seek a fairer and more consistent application of the Law to naturism than we felt had been happening. Personal views of police and judges seemed to be driving events too much, often with little reference to any actual harm done (of which there was none in any incident studied). There seemed to be an informal institutional prudery in police and courts alike, which led to a disproportionate reaction to any incident involving nudity in public, or even some private, places. This caused great distress to those who were subject to heavy handed policing, wasted public resources, and did not serve the public interest. Of those cases taken to Court, the majority resulted in acquittals.

In September 2013, as our study period was approaching its conclusion and a submission to the Authorities, the Crown Prosecution Service published ‘Nudity in Public – Guidance on handling cases of Naturism.’ (Shown in Appendix 1) Effectively this acknowledged that the CPS shared some of our concerns, particularly in the use of Section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986 by police, to try to criminalise non-aggressive, non-sexual nudity. The CPS guidance addressed some (though not all) of our concerns, but it contained no mechanism within it to ensure that its guidance filtered down to police officers who have to make initial operational decisions. We therefore decided to contact every Police Authority in England & Wales to draw their attention to the CPS Guidance, express our views and ask them what plans they had to train their police officers in it. This report summarised the results of that exercise.


On 20th November 2013, letters (shown at appendix 2) were sent to all 42 Police forces, plus the Association of Chief Police Officers (‘ACPO’) and the College of Policing. The same letter was also sent to all 42 Police & Crime Commissioners, plus the Association of Police & Crime Commissioners (‘APCCs’). Responses were received by letter, email and telephone over the succeeding 12 weeks. The responses are summarised and tabulated below. A number of acknowledgements were received but never followed up with a response, and a number of Police Forces and PCCs did not respond at all (as marked).


The results are summarised in the table below. Copies of all responses and other correspondence are available to authorised users on  .

Of the 42 PCCs contacted 4 acknowledged receipt, but did not reply. In addition 25 did not respond at all, making a total of 29 who did not reply.

Of the 13 PCCs who replied, all considered the CPS’s Guidance on Nudity in Public, and any police responses, to be an operational police matter, and made no meaningful comment beyond that. The Association of PCC’s made the same remark, commenting also that national guidance on police training is the responsibility of the College of Policing, suggesting we contact them (which we already had). Only the PCC for West Yorkshire commented on the uptake of the CPS Guidelines within that police service, saying that it was to be incorporated within their training programme and published internally. West Yorkshire Police themselves did not respond.

Of the 42 Police Forces contacted, 6 acknowledged receipt, but did not reply. In addition 16 did not respond at all, making a total of 22 who did not reply (though this number includes West Yorkshire for whom their PCC made a reply).

Of the 20 Police Forces which replied 19 had no stated policy on dealing with incidents of public nudity, other than trusting the local officer to exercise jusgment of the actual situation. One (Cheshire) has a policy which is consistent with the new CPS Guidelines.

The replies from some police forces were phrased in very general terms, and therefore it was not always clear what was meant. In categorising the replies below, an element of judgment had to be used, as there was overlap of intent as well as uncertainty in some cases.

Of the 20 forces which responded (21 including W. Yorkshire whose PCC responded for them), 5 forces had no plans to include any specific training for front line officers to do with the CPS Guidelines. 8 were planning to publish the guidelines on websites or internal bulletin boards, but with no further training. 4 forces were intending to approach the issue by briefing specialist officers such as Diversity Officers or Custody Sergeants as internal ‘consultants’ to provide advice to operational officers involved in issues to do with public nudity. 4 Forces had undertaken, or were considering including specific training to all officers. 5 of the responses included comments suggesting a presumption that public nudity was likely to be a public order issue.  3 forces commented that public nudity incidents were not considered a current or past issue in their area, as there were few, if any, such incidents.

The College of Policing and ACPO did not respond at all.


Police & Crime Commissioners Survey, summary of responses

Police Authority



Policy on Nudity

Training re. CPS guidance

Avon &   SomersetIndependent  No   response No   response
BedfordshireLabour 6/12/13 Police Operational   Matter Police Operational   Matter
CambridgeshireConservative 5/12/13 Police operational matter Police operational matter
CheshireConservative 25/11/13 Police operational   matter Police operational   matter
City of LondonConservative No   response No   response
ClevelandLabour No   response No   response
DerbyshireLabour No   response No   response
Devon   and CornwallConservative 5/12/13 Police Operational   Matter Police Operational   Matter
DorsetIndependent  4/12/13 Police Operational   Matter Police Operational   Matter
DurhamLabour 5/12/13 Police Operational   Matter Police Operational   Matter
Dyfed PowysConservative No   response No   response
EssexConservative 27/11/13 No   response No   response
GloucestershireIndependent No   response No   response
Greater ManchesterLabour No   response No   response
GwentIndependent No   response No   response
Hampshire &IOWIndependent No   response No   response
HertfordshireConservative No   response No   response
HumbersideConservative No   response No   response
KentIndependent 16/12/13 No comment No comment
LancashireLabour 2/12/13 No   response No   response
LeicestershireConservative No   response No   response
LincolnshireIndependent 19/12/13 Police Operational   Matter Police Operational   Matter
MerseysideLabour No   response No   response
MetropolitanConservative 10/12/13 Police Operational   Matter Police Operational   Matter
NorfolkIndependent No   response No   response
NorthamptonConservative No   response No   response
NorthumbriaLabour 12/12/13 Police Operational   Matter Police Operational   Matter
North   YorkshireConservative No   response No   response
North WalesIndependent No   response No   response
NottinghamshireLabour No   response No   response
South WalesLabour No   response No   response
South   YorkshireLabour No   response No   response
StaffordshireConservative 25/11/13 No   response No   response
SuffolkConservative No   response No   response
SurreyIndependent No   response No   response
SussexConservative 12/12/13 Police operational matter Police operational matter
Thames ValleyConservative No   response No   response
WarwickshireIndependent 9/12/13 No   response No   response
West MerciaIndependent No   response No   response
West MidlandsLabour 27/11/13 31/1/13 Police operational   matter Police operational   matter.
West YorkshireLabour 27/11/13 17/1/14 Police operational matter W.Yorks police are   developing a training programme which will incorporate CPS guidelines. Also   published internally.
WiltshireConservative No   response No   response
Association of   P.C.C.s 26/11/13 Police operational   matter College of Policing   sets national training standards. Decision should lie with them.



Police Authority Chief

Naturism = Antisocial Behaviour

I think we can all agree that despite naturism’s popularity, it is still only a minority of the population that sees the world as we do. But then, perhaps not every naturist sees naturism the same way either.

And no, I am not thinking of Steve Gough. His recent prison sentence imposed for breaking an ASBO is, in my mind, completely unjust when most people consider him a harmless eccentric. However, the reason for which he has been imprisoned has nothing to do with his nudity. His ‘crime’ is disobeying orders issued by judges for the benefit of society; another words, contempt of court. As an ex-serviceman, it is supposed that he would see the need for such dictates for the common good, and obey them even if he fundamentally disagrees, finding some other way to get his point of view across.

What we have, on one side, is a man who is determined that his principles shall prevail over everyone else’s no matter what, while on the other, a legal system, equally determined that they shall not. It is a mismatched contest with only one possible outcome. Gough will be trapped in a revolving door, in and out of prison, going nowhere, his voice drowned out by the sound of the gate closing behind him. In time, Gough will be forgotten, the world will move on and so shall we.

At least Gough had a voice, however briefly, unlike Russell Kingdon. A 64-year old Oxfordshire man who has been found guilty of acts not too dissimilar to those carried out by Gough and with a similar outcome. The only difference is that it is accepted that Kingdon is a naturist.

Briefly, the facts as reported by the Henley Standard (02/12/13) are that in July 2013, Diane Bowles, an early-morning dog walker, says she saw Kingdon at a local cricket ground. At first a fence obstructed her view, but as she got closer she realised that he was naked and retreated back the way she came. In his defence, Kingdon told police that he had removed his shorts on arrival at the ground and sat on a bench for a while. He then walked towards the centre of the playing field to get a better view of the pavilion clock. It was only when he turned back towards the bench that he saw Mrs Bowles and he quickly replaced his shorts. In court, however, both witness and accused said things that differed from their original police statements. Contrary to her statement, in court Mrs Bowles said she had seen Kingdon’s genitals, while Kingdon told the court that he had been wearing a mini-kilt and Bowles was mistaken in what she had seen.

Whatever the truth is, Kingdon has been convicted because he broke the conditions of an ASBO he picked up in 2012.

I don’t suppose any naturists that has made a court appearance in recent years were making a statement about naturism and its lack of acceptance by the general public, but if they continue to ignore the sentence (unless they are making an appeal) are, I believe, causing naturism harm.

Apart from the latest BN survey, carried out by Ipsos-MORI, there is no evidence to suggest that the great British public are tolerant of naturists and our desire to be naked in hot weather. This lack of evidence is used by the justice system to suggest that public nudity is not desirable in British society. Therefore, time and again, naturists have appeared in

Hampstead Heath Latest

Posted on behalf of John Paine.

Notes arising from last month’s meeting from the Hampstead Heath Naturist Project Group have now been released to the public and can be accessed by the link provided. John Paine, said there has been more ideas generated and good progress is being made by this group, but its aims will not be achieved overnight. We need those naturists who participate in, or have an interested in, urban naturism to come forward. As with the rest of NAG, people can commit to as much or as little as their non-naturist life allows. Your moral support is equally welcome, but we shall need to know who you are.

If anyone wants to discuss the content of these notes or offer their assistance then John can be contacted through his email: john.paine AT naturistactiongroup DOT org

NAG & BN Approach Chief Constables & PCCs on policy on ‘policing’ nudity.

For the last 3 years NAG has been running a project to monitor the fate of naturists who come in to conflict with The Law, help where we can, and prepare an approach to The Authorities. We met with BN earlier in the year, and as they were charting a similar course we agreed to cooperate fully together in a joint project. The response was altered when the Crown Prosecution Service unexpectedly issues a guideline on the issue just as we were drafting our submission. This altered our approach, but does not remove any of its importance or urgency.

As a result we have just written to every Chief

Taking the Long View

On 27th September 2013, in Huntsville, Alabama, USA teenager Christian Adamek ran naked across the field during a high school game of American Football. One week later, he was dead. Christian (15) hanged himself.

According to a report by dated 4th October 2013, at first the streaking incident was passed off lightly by many of his peers with social media comments calling Adamek a ‘legend’. However, on 1st October, and before Adamek had been identified publically as the streaker, school principal Michael Campbell told WHNT-TV news that he ‘faced serious consequences, including a potential charge of public lewdness,’ adding that it was being referred to the Madison County court system. Adamek committed suicide the following day.

By the 18th October, was reporting that rumours had surfaced suggesting that Adamek would be labelled a sex offender for the incident, although it didn’t say if these had reach Adamek himself. In the same article, Madison County Assistant District Attorney, Tim Gann, said the DA’s office was never contacted over the incident, while confirming that public lewdness did not have any Alabama sex offender registry implications. He also added that this case would have gone to a juvenile court. Other reports – mostly in the comments made by readers – suggested that Adamek wasn’t naked at all and therefore not strictly speaking, streaking.

To bring the story to this side of the Atlantic, NAG has heard of a young man who has been threatened with section 66 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003 for a similar prank as Adamek’s, which does lead to a name being added to the sexual offenders register. Fortunately, we have not heard if it has ended the same way. No news is good news, as they say.

Last year (2012), while I followed the Portsmouth WNBR I distinctly heard a woman from the crowd shout at the two police officers (one a female PC) riding with the protesters “Aren’t you going to arrest them then?” The officers ignored her and I followed suit; perhaps she had not known about the protest ride that day and the scene had come as a shock to her, who knows. But her demands for immediate action demonstrated that she thought the protestors’ nakedness was somehow illegal and showed her lack of understanding of the law as it currently stands. It also illustrated how vocal the minority that thinks as she things can be.

Yet, we cannot escape from the fact that, if Campbell – the school principal – had been more tolerant of a teenager’s prank and more guarded on his pronouncements then Adamek may be alive today, having enjoyed his brief moment of fame on YouTube. Instead Campbell is facing calls for his resignation. Likewise, if the woman had been more tolerant of public nudity and aware that what the protesters were doing was legal then her brief moment of public outrage, embarrassing all those around her, would not have occurred.

Obviously, it is not our role in life to teach the law to every single citizen in the United Kingdom, but if we begin to argue that simple nudity is not a threat to public order, but a deep-rooted belief in self-respect and of others through mass media techniques then, over time, society will become more tolerant towards naturism. Our reasoning behinds this is that we have had roughly 100 years of keeping our heads down, staying out of sight and where has that got us? Perhaps we are not the social pariahs we once were but we are nowhere nearer to our ultimate goal of inclusion into society and I think its time we changed our tactics. This is why NAG campaigns on the basis that we need to change the public’s opinion of social, public nudity whether it is on a beach, in large parks or in your own garden. Through a change in public opinion, we shall also be exerting an influence over two other important groups: the law enforcers (Police, lawyers and judiciary) and the lawmakers (politicians).

This is not going to be an over night solution and it does mean that naturism – and by implication – individual advocates for the naked lifestyle will need to have a more visible profile among the public. The few activists in Naturist Action Group and British Naturism cannot do this alone, we need the support of many more people who are prepared to carry out simple, little tasks in the background as and when the need arise in support of the lifestyle; in support of naturism. So, if this is you, why not tell us who you are? We need you.

Autumn Meeting

NAG activists meet twice a year to discuss our projects and over the weekend 14th/15th September 2013, we held our autumn meeting on the Isle of Wight. Apart from Duncan Heenan, Peter Knight, John Paine, Harvey Allen and myself, we also invited two others to provide some outside input: Sam Hawcroft, editor of H&E Naturist and Tim Forcer, naturist and academic.

The range of topics covered was wide and what is present here is a snapshot of the discussion that took place.

Government and Law Enforcement Agencies

Duncan told the meeting that he was making good progress in completing his report to be sent to the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and the Ministry of Justice among others and on schedule to have the first draft completed by the end of 2013. Just before the meeting however, the CPS (Crown Prosecuting Service) released guidance notes to prosecuting lawyers on how naturists, arrested for being naked in a public place, should be treated and this was still being studied at the time.

Post meeting: Duncan discussed the implications of the guidance notes with Malcolm Boura – Research and Liaison Officer (RLO) for BN – and they concluded that a change to their strategy and report will be necessary and as a consequence, it will have a minor impact on their schedule.

Holkham Beach

British Naturism leads the campaign for the restoration of Holkham Beach to naturist use, but regular user and committee member Andy Crawford (not in attendance), has also campaigned on his own account. He informed the committee (by email) that a meeting with Holkham Estate’s management has been arranged by BN but saw no prospect of the ban being overturned. His dealings with the Norfolk PCC (Police and Crime Commissioner) also suggested that he supported the police’s actions in supporting the ban.

Post meeting: Malcolm Boura announced through Naturist Freedom that The Crown Estate has backed down following a strongly worded legal argument prepared by David Wolfe QC and they have lifted the ban on naturists using Holkham Beach below the Mean High Water mark. The ban on naturism above it is still in place.

The London Question

Following the aborted “Picnic in the Park”, designed to demonstrate that naturists and other park users could co-exist side-by-side, committee members John Paine (TLQ project leader), Harvey Allen and Duncan Heenan met with senior management figures from the City of London Corporation. Although they were unable to persuade them to allow naturism on Hampstead Heath and other large open spaces under their control, the TLQ delegation obtained a clearer understanding of The Corporation’s concerns and their wish to discourage behaviours they did not want to be associated with (e.g. dogging). They believe naturism would encourage them.

At a following TLQ meeting it was decided to wind down the project, believing it has taken naturism in London as far as it can. In its place the Hampstead Heath Naturist Project Group has been created. While NAG does not want the whole focus to be on Hampstead Heath, it is our belief that there is greater potential for success with Hampstead Heath than in other areas. Based on the Beach User Group concept it will allow naturists in the area to engage more easily with The Corporation and other stakeholders concerned with the heath and its local environment. They have already held two meetings to devise a strategy and if you would like to show your support, or give a hand, please email John Paine via the website.

Help from Supporters

At the autumn 2012 meeting, a number of initiatives that would allow greater participation by our supporters without them making an open ended commitment was considered. A year later, these were re-considered and here are four suggestions that will take no more than 30-minutes of your time, as and when they occur:

  • Cuttings from the local press are a good source of information. If you see an article that would be of interest, why not scan it and email it to nag AT naturistactiongroup DOT org, or if you prefer, cut it out and send it to our postal address. (Don’t forget to tell us the name of the newspaper and the date of publication, along with your own name and contact details, which will not be passed on to anyone else.)
  • Write a letter to the editor or comment on a newspaper’s website in response to an article. A letter (or email) is still an effective way to get your opinion across, which may gain more support locally than you’d think. To be published, you must include your name and address, which can be withheld if requested, and a contact number. Writing a comment on their web page is even simpler and quicker.
  • Freedom of Information (FOI) Requests are made to public bodies (e.g. police services) and can be made in writing by any member of the public (letter or email) asking specific information. For example, as Holkham Beach is private property the police cannot act without the estate’s management’s permission, which has is a cost to the public purse. Therefore, a member of the public is entitled ask how much this support is costing Norfolk Police. Similar FOI requests can be made to other police services and public bodies, whose actions have an adverse effect on naturists.
  • The Forestry Commission (for England and Scotland) and Natural Resources Wales are encouraging greater public use for their woodlands through tourism and leisure activity ideas. There is potential for some of these activities to be carried out naked but suitable sites and activities need to be identified and the initial enquires made. These public bodies are not the only owners of woodland however, and farmers and landowners may also be willing to consider an approach to make better use of an asset that may not be fully utilised.

Afterwards, please tell us about what you did and of any outcomes, not forgetting to include your name and contact details to nag AT naturistactiongroup DOT org.

NAG’s Finances

The accounts for NAG have already been published on the website and shows a steady recovery for our funds from a low in 2011, when we published the leaflet “You and the Law”. What does not appear in these accounts at present, and will do so in the future, are the contributions in kind made largely by the committee members who pay their own expenses for travelling to the bi-annual meetings and on occasion, accommodation. Nor do these figures take into account a very generous gift of £200 made by an anonymous donor after these accounts were compiled. Thank you, whoever you are.

In an effort to raise funds so NAG can campaign for naturism and promote it, and raise its profile among naturists, the group launched a photo competition with the support of Astbury Formentera and H&E Naturist, in June 2013, with the result published in the January 2014 issue of H&E Naturist.

Please Help Us to Campaign for You!

To make a donation to NAG, please use the Donate link at the top of this page. Alternatively, we will appreciate any donation no matter how small sent to our registered address on our Contact page.