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St. Francis Nude Parade – Thursday, June 26 at Noon

A message from Gypsy Taub via

Dear body freedom supporters,

Let’s celebrate the 238th  anniversary of San Francisco by honoring Saint Francis on

THURSDAY, JUNE 26TH at NOON,  International Shrine of St Francis at 610 Vallejo St, SF

San Francisco was named after Saint Francis who was a Catholic preacher and a noted nudist. Body freedom is our birth right!

Join us for a body freedom parade and rally to commemorate Saint Francis on the 238th anniversary of San Francisco.

Walk down Vallejo Street to the International Shrine of Saint Francis of Assisi at 610 Vallejo from the dead end of Vallejo St between Kearny and Montgomery St

Body freedom activists will stage Saint Francis Parade on San Francisco’s 238th anniversary in front of the National Shrine of Saint Francis whom San Francisco was named after.

Saint Francis was an Italian Catholic preacher and one of the most respected religious figures in history. He renounced possessions, and rebuilt small churches.

“I shall go naked to meet my naked Lord.”

These were the words St Francis of Assisi addressed to his father in one of the most well-known scenes from his life.

Francis had taken some of his merchant father’s finest materials to raise funds to rebuild the Church of St Damian. For this act his father brought him before the court. The trial took place before the bishop and his court in the presence of merchants and townspeople.

In response to the charges laid against him, Francis proclaimed: “I return not only my money, but also my clothes. I shall go naked to meet my naked Lord.” At which he stripped off all his clothes, threw them to his father and walked off naked.

When he preached in the nude, the townspeople in Assisi first laughed at him  but then were won over by his words.

The San Francisco nudity ban is a shameful act of outrageous hypocrisy especially in light of our cultural and spiritual history. We will be marching naked in solidarity with the holy man who was such a beacon of inspiration to our people that our city was name after him. Saint Francis was a nudist in the 12th century. It?s time that our society catch up with his ideals and his vision.

THANK YOU ALL WHO DONATED in the past month, we raised $550 – THANK YOU!

PLEASE CONTINUE SUPPORTING US – WE NEED TO PAY OUR LAWYER –  we are submitting our amended complaint next week and the case will be moving forward. Please paypal your donations to Please email me if you would rather use a different way of sending money. THANK YOU!

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A Statement on Hampstead Heath

In May 2013 NAG published information about holding a proposed Naturist Picnic at Cohen’s Field, on Hampstead Heath, on Saturday 29 June. The City of London is responsible for managing Hampstead Heath and they wrote to NAG asking that the Picnic be cancelled. The City offered to meet with NAG to discuss issues related to such an activity at Hampstead Heath. NAG therefore agreed to cancel the Picnic so that the meeting could take place on 4 July.

The meeting was held in an office at Hampstead Heath and a considerable amount of information was exchanged. NAG is currently considering the implications of the new information received in that meeting. At the present time there are no plans for NAG to set a new date, or organise, a Naturist Picnic on Hampstead Heath. The door was left open for NAG to continue a dialogue with the City Corporation.

The NAG project The London Question will continue. In due course NAG will issue more information on how naturists, who are keen to see more opportunities for naturism within greater London, can assist with this.

John Paine   NAG project leader

July 2013

Hampstead Heath Naturist Picnic

The following text has been upload on behalf of John Paine:

As part of our work on The London Question we want to demonstrate that naturism in a setting such as Hampstead Heath is a life-enhancing – not life-disturbing – situation. After the razzamataz of the 2013 London WNBR a few weeks before on Saturday 8 June we thought that a more sedate naturist event in London would also help promote the cause of naturism in our capital city.

We invite you to join NAG for a ‘clothing optional’ Naturist Picnic at Cohen’s Field in the north-easterly part of Hampstead Heath. So from 2.00pm onwards, on Saturday 29 June 2013 we look forward to many naturists and friends joining us at Hampstead Heath. A pedestrian access near Kenwood House, on Hampstead Lane, is the nearest. Some bus services also stop near there.

Bring your own picnic and suitable drink; musical instruments would also be very welcome. You may shed as many clothes as you feel comfortable with on the day. If the weather is not good enough to hold the NAG Naturist Picnic on that day then we shall hold it instead on Saturday 6 July 2013. The same details will apply.

You can also download our leaflet on this event to pass on to other NAG supporters and interested friends. To get some idea on a possible attendance please let us know if you are likely to attend this special naturist event. See our website for further details.

John Paine

World Naked Bike Ride

It is but a week to go before the WNBR in Portsmouth takes place on Saturday 26th May 2012, giving you a chance to be “as bare as you dare”.
Choose your preferred form of human powered transport, be it an old penny-farthing (aka boneshaker) to roller-blades.
Gather at Rose Garden, Lumps Fort, Southsea Esplanade from 12:30 for a 13:00 set off for 40-minutes of fun cycling around old Portsmouth and the city centre.
This is your chance to voice your concerns about the UKs oil dependency and the vulnerability of cyclists on our roads. The directors for NAG will also be around – with one or two actually participating – so if you can get there we’d be more than pleased to see you and happy to answer any questions.
Follow Portsmouth WNBR on Facebook or the Portsmouth page of the WNBR wiki.

While I’m here, the poster for London’s own ride, which starts and finishes at Wellington Arch this year, due to the Jubilee celebrations and Olympics.

And finally, can also mention Bristol WNBR 2012

It is being organised to take place on Sunday 10 June. It moves off at 1.30pm for a 4 mile circular route around Bristol city centre area. The assembly place is outside THE FULL MOON on North Road, Stokes Croft, BRISTOL BS1 3PR
and it will finish there.

Before the ride, people will be putting on body paint, but that may be done at a different location so that they arrive at the Full Moon already painted. Whether anyone will be organising an after-event I do not know. In 2011 they estimated this WNBR had over 200 riders.

The Bristol WNBR 2012 organising group contact is Caroline on email

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