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At least once per week, we get emails from companies (individuals) basically telling us how great they think our website is but they can help us to drive more customers to it by doing this-that-and-the-other – for a price, of course. The fact they refer to ‘customers’ tells us that they haven’t really looked at our website at all and the message is a marketing puff sent out, at best by a machine to any email address it can find or at worst, a spammer.

As much as we appreciate their offer of help, if we need any assistance in that line we shall approach a company who truly understands our objectives and goals. From past experience, we don’t expect any SEO ‘expert’ to have read this message before sending their unsolicited pitch, but on the oft chance that someone does, please don’t bother. It will be deleted along with all the others we receive.

Reg Barlow
Chairman, Naturist Action Group.
Dec 2017

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