Naturists Campaigning for Naturism

Who are we?

Naturist Action Group – or NAG – was created in April 2010 as a campaign group with the sole aim of advancing naturism as a lifestyle of choice in British society. Britons have enjoyed being socially nude for more than a century but there is still a good deal of misunderstanding about naturism among the British public. Those that have heard of naturism (or nudism) – but are not naturists themselves – know it from what they have read in the newspapers or perhaps from the more adult content on the Internet. This has meant that the discussion about our lifestyle has been journalist (or in some cases pornographer) led and the founders of NAG believe that it was time that naturists became more proactive in their dealings with people. In so doing, we will be taking control and influencing any public discussion about naturism, instead of reacting it.

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