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2019 in London

NAG supporters will be very active in London during 2019. Our first action will be to meet on Saturday 16 February to plan a range of activities. These include several naked visits to Hampstead Heath – including holding a summer naked picnic there. We will also be exploring opportunities to be naked in a number of the larger London parks and open spaces. The Greater London National Park project continues to receive our attention,  we promote with them the need to include naturism as a legitimate use of London’s open space, where appropriate.

In June NAG supporters will be very active in assisting and participating in the London WNBR. A date is likely to be set for another Naked Pub Day, including lunch. In September we will visit Paris to enjoy the opportunity for naturist activities there. We will also discuss with APNEL and ANP colleagues their plans for official naturist action in Bois de Boulogne. No doubt on 16 February NAG supporters will also be suggesting other exciting London actions.

The venue for the Saturday 16 February meeting will depend on the numbers wishing to attend. It would therefore be helpful if you could contact me at    if you would like to participate in that meeting.

John Paine    NAG London co-ordinator

2019 visit to Naturist Paris

We plan to visit naturist Paris again, as a book yourself option with a possible basic cost of about £200, for Friday 13 – Monday 16 September 2019. H& E Naturist magazine has just published our report on the NAG September 2018 Paris visit.

Options during the 4 days will include visiting the naturist area in Bois de Vincennes with a naturist PICNIC, a meal in the naturist restaurant O’Naturel, enjoying the naturist swim and other fitness and leisure facilities at Piscine Roger le Gall, spend some naked time at the naturist marquee in La Fete de l’Humanitie. We will meet with naturist colleagues in ANP (Association des Naturistes de Paris) and APNEL (Association Pour la Naturisme En Liberte), as well as creating time to enjoy the city, sights, and entertainment of Paris.

Some participants will travel from London via Eurostar and stay in a low-cost hotel in the Gare du Nord/ Gare De l’Este area. Others may travel from other UK starting points. Each person will be responsible for their own booking. In 2018 the NAG Mission to Paris each participant’s travel on Eurostar + 2* hotel + Paris travel card was a basic cost of £200. Added to this in 2019 will be the cost of any meals, extra local transport and access charges for tourist and other activities.

If you are interested in possibly joining this NAG group visit, and would like to receive more details about the itinerary, please let me know.

                              John Paine      tel: 01865 513103


NAG Press & Media campaign – will you help?

Early in 2019, NAG will be setting out to tackle the poor treatment of naturism, and nudity in general, by the press and media. We intend to do this initially by contacting as many of the movers and shakers in journalism and the media that we can, with a statement of what we think they are doing wrong, and some suggestions for a better approach. This may stimulate some interest in itself, but it is only the start of a longer running campaign to give a continuing flow of reactions and feedback to journalists, editors and the like, when we feel they have treated the subject badly, or inaccurately; and maybe congratulations when they get it right!

To do this we need a group of volunteers to be ready to write the necessary emails & letters, and if necessary to talk to those involved. Leads will be given to the group, but part of the group’s remit will also be to keep an eye on the press and media, both locally and nationally, and to pass on stories within the group as they see fit. This process will take a long time, so we need people who are prepared to maintain their interest long term, even if things go quiet for periods. Though some guidelines will be issued to help provide consistency of the message we are transmitting, there is a need for volunteers to be self motivated and exercise initiative, and their personal style. All work will be done in individuals’ real name, and at volunteers’ own cost (though costs, if any at all, will be minimal). Communications within the group will mostly be by email. We are not looking for literary geniuses, just ordinary folk who can express their opinion cogently, and who want naturism to become more acceptable to the world.

If you would like to be part of the Press & Media Group, let me know by email to . It would help me if you could let me know what region you live in, and anything you’d like to say about yourself (which will be kept confidential).

Is Naturism a philosophical belief?

Not sure if this is something that would’ve caught your eye.

Jordi Casamitjana is taking the League of Cruel Sports to an Employment Tribunal claiming that his dismissal by them was due to him being a vegan, which they deny. I won’t repeat all the details about the case here; you can go to the BBC News website for that. What Mr Casamitjana is saying, is that his brand of veganism, which he calls ethical veganism, is a matter of ‘belief and effects every single aspect of (his) life.’

The tribunal next March will have to decide, therefore, is veganism a philosophical belief and protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010. If they say it is, it could mean others with equally deep rooted beliefs could seek similar protection.

Is naturism a philosophical belief though? For some it might be but how prevalent is it among naturists? We don’t know but we might get a clue from the Survey of UK Naturism. We have had a stunning start, with over 300 respondents already by last Monday (3rdDecember) and I was wondering if we could make it 500-plus by the end of the Month? There is still plenty of time for anyone who hasn’t already completed it, a nice 30-minute break from madcap Christmas preparations, perhaps. And don’t forget to remind your naturist family and friends to complete it too.

Many thanks.

Reg Barlow,
5th December 2018

Survey of UK Naturism

Eight years ago, when we launched Naturist Action Group, we had two aims; to campaign for the lifestyle’s wider acceptance and to represent a broad range of views within UK Naturism. We thought we had a reasonable grasp of the issues involved, and we had the beginnings of a plan.

Today though, NAG is announcing what will arguably be its biggest project to date, it is an attempt to learn more about UK naturism, the opinions of naturists in this country to find out how we think collectively. Let me ask the question that must be forming on your lips by now: Why?

In part it is in response to Rayner Otter, who last year wrote an essay [H&E Naturist, March 2017] about what he saw as the future of naturism following his nine-years of observing the European naturist scene. You could say, I’m putting my money where my mouth is, for I argued that naturism didn’t need conclusions based on observation but from robust research [H&E Naturist, July 2017]. To be fair, Rayner responded generously saying he too agreed with the premise. However, as a British-based organisation we are chiefly concerned about UK naturism, so the survey we shall be conducting will be restricted to those living in the United Kingdom, or British nationals living abroad while maintaining strong links with the UK.

The other part is that it’s really time we took a look at ourselves; are we serving naturism and naturists well? Are the things we think we know, accurate. Could we do things differently, better, smarter? And finally, can we describe the British person attracted to the lifestyle in any detail?

These are our goals and while I cannot promise we will achieve all of them perfectly we shall, with your help, make a good attempt.

This survey is for anyone 18-years and over, so married couples or co-habiting partners can complete separate questionnaires, as can any adult children. Once you have completed the survey, please share this post on social media, or by whatever means is available to you, with your naturist friends and family, encouraging them to complete it too. We want as many replies as possible, from the young and old, male or female, Black, Brown or White, computer savvy or not. The more replies we get, from as broad a spectrum of society as possible, the more accurate the survey will be.

UK NATURISM SURVEY— Closing date for replies: 31/12/2018.

If online forms are not your forte then we have a Word document (.docx) that can be used either as an editable electronic document on your desk top or printed, to be used as a paper survey. Send an email to with the word “Survey” in the subject line and you will receive a reply within 24hours. Or send a self-addressed envelope (DL or C5) with a first- or second-class stamp to: UK Naturism Survey, c/Reg Barlow, 6 Brunswick Street, Bingley, West Yorkshire, BD16 4PL and a pre-printed paper survey will be posted to you. Surveys returned by post and postmarked 31/12/2018 will be accepted. Just follow the instructions provided.

Many thanks for your co-operation, and don’t forget to share.

Reg Barlow
18 November 2018

Autumn Meeting 2018

Last October, the members of the Management Collective (ManCol for short) met in Worcestershire to discuss progress. Our friends in London have made excellent progress following the guidance published by the College of Policing on public nudity. We also discussed an advanced version of the proposed Survey of UK Naturism, which will be launched later this year.

By all means read the minutes in full.

Reg Barlow

A couple of things… Revisited

Well, one thing actually.

Attached is a new leaflet with contact details for Harvey Allen, who is organising the Naked Lunch at The Blue Lion in WC1. Harvey also asks that you send him a self-address envelope to return the tickets in along with payment. I’m sorry but payment via PayPal, etc is still not accepted, but if you wish to pay by bank transfer instead, please email Harvey for more details.

I am told that so far Harvey has had a good response, but as always with such things, the more the merrier. If we can give The Blue Lion’s management a good indication of just how popular naked dining is then they might have us back.



NAG success in London

NAG has achieved a major breakthrough at Hampstead Heath. Hard work, initiated by Duncan Heenan of NAG and a team of volunteers over 8 years, led to the publishing of new guidance. Reports on dealing with public nudity came from the Crown Prosecution Service (2013) and the College of Policing (2018). BN was the junior partner in the latter years of the project. The impact of these new guidelines has been dramatic for naturism in the UK.

Carlie Newman led our Hampstead Heath Sub-committee. Recently  NAG raised the College of Policing guidelines with the Hampstead Heath management. The result is that naturism on Hampstead Heath was accepted by the management as being legal. NAG has produced the following statement:

The College of Policing guidelines apply to Hampstead Heath as they do elsewhere. There will not be a designated naturist area. Naturists are requested to use common sense and avoid busier areas of the heath, as this should avoid complaints from members of the public who may be disturbed by the nudity.

New instructions to HH staff mean that discreet naturism is now acceptable – within reason – including at the Ladies Pond. Naturists acting sensibly on the Heath should not be unduly harassed by the Heath Wardens or the Hampstead Heath

A couple of things…

First, a quick call out for H&E Naturist, the UK’s — nay the world’s — only monthly naturist magazine. The October edition is now out and it includes, among many great article about our naked lifestyle, a readers’ survey with a chance to win £200. If you subscribe, don’t miss it. If you don’t, why not? This could be a good time to pick up a copy and tell the editor what you think of it. Not mentioning the £200.

Closing date for questionnaires: 28thOctober 2018.

Second, a naked lunch is being organised by friend, Harvey Allen. It will be held at The Blue Lion, WC1 on the 25thNovember 2018, at 3pm. Admission will be by ticket only, which cost £25 per person. Naturally, this is one for those who live in, or around, London or as the 25thNovember is a Sunday, it could be the perfect end to a weekend in the capital.

Due to the cost involved a minimum of 40 people is needed before the event can be confirmed, last date for booking, 28thOctober 2018.

More details can be found in ‘A date for your diaries.’

Please share with your naturist family and friends.

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