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Paris Visit

Posted on behalf of John Paine.

NAG is making a fact-finding mission to Paris, to experience the officially sanctioned naturist area of the Bois de Vincennes, and other naturist activities in Paris. You may be aware that in 2017 Paris naturists got agreement from the city authorities for a naturist area in the Bois de Vincennes. The last day of the season saw  700 naturists there; see the video. We invite you to join us on a ‘fact-finding mission’ to enjoy naturist Paris and learn how the work by Paris naturists may help NAG get outdoor London naturist sites.

Our 4-day visit to Paris begins on Saturday 25 August, our Bank Holiday week-end. It includes travel from London on Eurostar, 3 nights hotel booking, returning from Paris during Tuesday. Preliminary indications are that Eurostar and hotel costs could be about £300. The NAG group will be a minimum of 10 people, female, male, couples. Single occupancy and twin rooms (for sharing) could be booked. Add to this your food, travel, and other personal expenditure whilst in Paris.

We will shortly get costings based on numbers of participants. Interested naturists will be given a full and costed itinerary, before making a definite booking. Our current itinerary outline is:

Saturday 25 August
10.30am   Meet at St. Pancras International Station London for Eurostar train to Paris
Evening meal at O’Naturel naturist restaurant (if we can get bookings)
Paris by night sight-seeing

Sunday 26
Visit Bois de Vincennes naturist area
Evening meal with colleagues in APNEL, Naturistes de Paris, and FFN

Monday 27
Visit Bois de Vincennes naturist area
9.00pm    Naturist Swim + at Piscine Roger le Galle

Tuesday 28
10.00am   check out from hotel, visit Bois de Vincennes naturist area
8.13pm     Eurostar from Gard Du Nord to London

Alternatively, you might like to make other arrangements to be in Paris at that time – perhaps with family members — and spend some time with us in Bois de Vincennes during your stay?

NAG is liaising with our naturist colleagues in APNEL, Naturistes de Paris, and FFN. For several years NAG has been campaigning in London for official recognition of open space naturism. You probably know that NAG made a similar trip to Munich, to find out from our German colleagues how that city has several officially sanctioned open spaces for naturism. Details of that trip are on our website

If you would like to consider joining this NAG travel group to Paris please contact me now, by email at: john.paine AT talktalk DOT net or ring me on 01865 513103.

John Paine
NAG London co-ordinator
20 Apr 2018

INF Mis-management

It is with reluctance that we return to the subject matter of the INF elections for President, which was so catastrophically managed last November. The mis-management was beyond words to describe then and it continues as we head towards the re-run of the Presidential election on July 22nd.

In May, the INF issued an Excerpt from an EC meeting that concluded that both  Armand Javier and Greg Sarow, two of the candidates in the re-run election were inadmissible, leaving just one: Sieglinde Ivo. The worrying point is who signed the document; Sieglinde Ivo and Jean Peters. In the last 48-hours the following was issued to all member federations from Gregers Moller, and we don’t need to add anything ourselves.

Dear Federations,
As member of the Central Committee [CC] of the INF-FNI in the position as non-EU assessor, I ask you to please regard the letter sent to you around six hours ago today, 22 June 2017, as invalid.

Declaring two of the three candidates for the re-opened presidential elections inadmissible is not a decision reached by the Central Committee. The letter refers to an EC meeting but EC meetings are reserved for day-to-day matters and not matters of this magnitude.

Furthermore, one of the EC members is not an elected President, but a caretaker President and also a candidate in the very same election. As CC member I would not have allowed her to be involved in decisions regarding her own candidacy or that of her contestants if we had been asked to discussed this in the Central Committee.

As caretaker president and candidate in the election it violates every democratic principle that I stand for in the CC that she should be able to declare her opposition for invalid and announce herself as the only admissible candidate. The legal council should in my opinion also have advised strongly against allowing this to happen.

I suggest that the federations simply ignore this email. Instead this letter and the previous email should be made a subject for discussion among the Federations at the upcoming meeting in Vienna. The federations should not forget that when they are meeting they

A Tale of Three Cities

We are posting this on behalf of George Davis, and is of particular interest to our friends from the United States, as he compares San Francisco with London and New York.

A Tale of Three Cities
by George Davis

(George Davis is the author of two books: Naked Yoga, and Weapons of Mass Deception. He is co-editor of Free Your Body; Free Your Mind. As a body-freedom activist, he has been arrested more than twenty times, including an arrest for making a public speech on the Capitol Mall in Washington, DC.)

Author’s foreword:
Do you remember George Carlin’s “7 Dirty Words” that you can’t broadcast or publish? That was 40 years ago… but the ban on such words still exists. And word-censorship is not the only in-your-face censorship that is going on.

If you are curious about the real purposes of routine media censorship — the kind that occurs in plain sight in mainstream newspapers and public TV broadcasts, converting words like ‘fuck’, ‘shit’, ‘cunt’, and ‘nigger’ into ridiculous gobbledegook like ‘f**k’, ‘s**t’, ‘c**t’, and ‘the n-word’ — then this tale is for you. If you wonder why Facebook and other social media will not allow you to post pictures showing female breasts, or images of your clothes-free vacation, or of the Australian Nude Beach Olympics, then this tale is for you. If you suspect that somehow this censorship is designed to make you stupid, socially controlled, and unable to perceive the world realistically, then this tale is for you.

On the other hand, if you feel that this this kind of censorship is a step in the right direction for human society, then this tale is probably not for you. If you think that social media are doing you and society a great service by censoring harmless images, and if you feel that our ability to deal with life and with the world is improved by mystifying and tabooing the human body, then this tale is not for you. You should do a mental delete, skip this tale, and move on to another diversion.

My tale is about the growth and social/cultural ramifications of the Body Freedom Movement in the three leading cultural centers in the world: London, New York City, and San Francisco. What is ‘body freedom’? It is the concept that your body and all of your body parts, including penises, pussies, and breasts, are normal and natural. You would think that this concept would be uncontroversial, since most people agree with it. Yet, the Body Freedom Movement is currently the Rodney Dangerfield of political movements. It gets “no respect.”

Aside from being a writer, as a Body Freedom activist, I will ask you to re-transmit this document by May 18, 2017 to anyone you know who has any political, cultural, or artistic leanings via email, your social media, or blogs. If enough people know this story, a potentially revolutionary (or more accurately re-evolutionary) game-changing court decision will occur.

The tale itself
Once upon a time, on an ordinary planet like trillions of others in a universe suitable for carbon-based life forms, there dwelt a dominant species, Homo sapiens (Latin for ‘wise ape’). The species’ control of the planet’s resources derived from its large brain which was capable of developing language, tools, fire usage, agriculture, and social organization. Homo sapiens’ undisputed mastery of Earth has only existed for 5,000 years, a sliver in time compared to a universe that has already existed for 14 billion years.

Let’s fast forward and snapshot the year 2017. Looking at Earth from space you might never guess that its land areas are divided up by Homo sapiens into nation-states whose boundaries are set by oceans, rivers, longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates, and most importantly by accidents of history — wars, colonial settlements, dynastic marriages, and the like. Almost every individual Homo sapiens has a nationality. Over the past few centuries global wars have been fought between nations — wars like the Seven Years’ War, the Crimean War, and World Wars I and II. In 2017 and recent decades, there have been no national wars between states. However, in recent years, there has been a nationalist resurgence characterized by groups and events like America First, UK Brexit, Russian annexations in the Ukraine, and “strongman” regimes in several nation-states.

Homo sapiens divides itself into

INF: The last word, really

In my last post on the subject of the INF World Congress in New Zealand, I did say that the story had run its course until the special Congress in Vienna. Fellow NAG Management Collective member, Duncan Heenan, begs to differ and wants the last word… for now.

22/02/2017 – Following representation from Hans van Asperdt this article has been amended for accuracy.

The sad saga of INF and its disputed Presidency rumbles on, and has descended into a war of words which is little more than an evasive slanging match between INF’s EC and anyone who dares to criticise their crass actions. The story has leaked into the UK national press, and probably internationally too. This has upset the INF EC who were trying to keep it quiet, and who have responded by denying things which were not asserted in the first place, leaving some readers even more confused. However, it is important to remember that the main issue is that the Federations which own INF voted in a new President, Armand Jamier, and voted out the old President, Sieglinde Ivo. They did this because they were unhappy at the way INF was being run by Mrs Ivo and her EC; principally that it was just not doing enough to promote and protect naturism. INF’s EC is now trying to cloud the issue with a smokescreen of spurious procedural and

Open Letter to Mrs Ivo

We apologise to everyone who is tired of this issue, but we feel that it is important for the future of international naturism.

We have written an open letter to the INF President, Mrs Sieglinde Ivo calling on her to stand down for the good of naturism. It is our belief that any new election will only confirm the first and if Mrs Ivo stood down now then she can do so with her head held high, her dignity intact. Conversely, she runs the risk of making the INF a laughing stock, diminishing the respect federations have for INF and have it doubted by perhaps the most important people of all; individual members of the member federations.

The text was translated into French and German using Google Translate, and we provide them here if English is not your first language. Please forgive us if there are any mistakes.

Reg Barlow
Chairman, Naturist Action Group
17 Jan 2017

San Francisco nudity ban -update

Here’s another update on the San Francisco situation. It is an email received today from George Davis, who originally started the Body Freedom movement there, and is still campaigning against the City Ordinance which made public nudity illegal. Though George started the campaign, it was largely taken over by Gypsy Taub, and the two headed it together for some years. Sadly a personal spat between the two happened last year and they are now campaigning separately ( does this scenario sound familiar?). If I get a report of how George’s speech goes I’ll post it here:


I’m planning to give a speech at San Francisco City Hall on February 1 — the 3rd anniversary of the city’s criminalization of public nudity. Since this speech will be about the Body Freedom Movement, I will make this speech while legally nude — as I did recently in Times Square in New York City with the full knowledge of the New York City Mayor’s Office and Police Department and with no permits required by that city. Since not everyone can be in front of SF City Hall at noon on a Wednesday, I will pre-publish the speech that I intend to deliver. It is also quite possible that the San Francisco Police and Sheriff’s Departments will physically prevent me from speaking.
Body Freedom Speech – Steps of San Francisco City Hall, Wednesday, February 1, 2017
            By George Davis
Hi. I’m George Davis, a well-known Body Freedom activist and co-author of Naked Yoga [holding up copy of book]. I have been promoting better public physical and mental health for decades. Paradoxically, I am better known and respected among those that follow the Body Freedom Movement in London and New York City than I am here in San Francisco where I live.
For those unfamiliar with the Body Freedom Movement, it’s a reality-based movement that emphasizes the obvious fact that our bodies and our harmless, pleasurable desires and impulses are normal and natural and need not be suppressed.
You would think that a simple truth like this would be an easy sell. In fact, a majority of citizens, especially those who try to think rationally, agree with the principles of Body Freedom. However, while the support is wide, it is also shallow. Supporters of Body Freedom are

INF: another fine mess

The latest document released by the INF following the World Congress last year has made available. Somewhat in the reverse order of the stuff published previously, INF has now released the minutes of the Central Council meeting 15th November 2016 in New Zealand.

Despite the fact that the minutes are written by Jean Peters (who you would think, would clean them up as much as possible to make him and Sieglinde look good), the arrogance of the EC is obvious. They repeatedly blame the federations for the problems of the INF. You can also read between the lines and see the frustration of the two CC members (Kay and Huub) who are not part of the EC. Almost every suggestion or question they ask is dismissed. I have said in the past that the INF seems to have developed an existence of its own separate from the Federations which own it, and this is proof that the process is well advanced and wholly destructive of any useful purpose INF may have regarding wider naturism. Note the comments about dropping numbers. Does it sound familiar? Do the excuses that it is other factors, ‘not our fault’ sound familiar too. And yet, these are the people who claim to speak for naturism on the world stage.

INF: gets very messy

You will have seen from our earlier post that a ‘civil war’ has broken out among INF leaders over the disputed election which ousted Sieglinde Ivo as President. They have decided to hold the vote again, not by the cheap, quick and easy option of asking everyone to cast their votes by email, but by insisting that Council members come from all over the world to Vienna, some time before July, to cast votes in person. This was bad enough, but the infighting continues, where everyone’s recollection of what happened differs, and have different views on what the INF’s rules say anyway. It looks as if (Ex-) President Ivo, and her Vice President Jean Peters are becoming isolated from the rest of the INF Council, but they are just not taking the hint and doing the honourable thing. So the war of words continues, INF goes nowhere, more money gets wasted, and naturism as a whole suffers.

Rather than relate the entire farce blow-by-blow, we attach copies of letters that have come into our possession from President-elect Jamier to President (Legal Council) Begeot, the letters of complaint from SANNA and NZNF and INF’s reply from Vice-President Peters, and Vice-President Peters to President-elect Jamier. We shall let you draw your own conclusions.

International Naturist Federation in a mess – still!

NAG is not an affiliate of International Naturist Federation, but takes an interest in its happenings. On the whole we have found them to be inactive and complacent as regards their brief to defend and promote naturism internationally. However, there was an interesting development in November, when at INF’s biannual World Congress the President  Sigliende Ivo was voted out of office, and replaced by Armand Jamier.

It was an interesting and encouraging turn of events. I was glad Sigliende Ivo had been replaced as President, as under her ‘leadership’ (and those before her) INF was going nowhere. We obviously have to wait and see what changes Armand Jamier might make, but he looks a bit more progressive than previous regimes. I hoped that this was the long awaited awakening of INF.

However, within a couple of weeks there was bad news from INF. As reported above, Sigliende Ivo was voted out as INF President at their World Congress in November 2016 in New Zealand. A lot of people, me included, were encouraged as this signalled a possible change from the complacent ‘do nothing’ policies she had stultified INF with for years. However, instead of seeing the writing on the wall, and accepting that she was unpopular because INF was achieving nothing under her leadership, she decided to appeal against the vote. Mustering a small group of her friends in INF, she appealed against the vote on procedural grounds, claiming that the process was un

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