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Late Christmas Present Idea

Do you have a relation for whom it is difficult to buy the perfect Christmas present? Here is a suggestion from our fellow reprobates at Naktiv, especially if they – or you – like naked hiking.

You can tell it’s that time of year to pull up a good book by the fire. The Naked Hiking book makes for an interesting and topical Christmas present, and is a guaranteed conversation starter!

Take a look at the Naktiv‘s website for more details.

Naked Creative Advertising

News about

A marketing system for nudists and naturists is open for business. Whether
you want to promote your nudist business via our dedicated ads serving
solution, or simply support other naturist enterprises by becoming an affiliate
publisher, you need to talk to us.

Take a look at our support website, register for an account and tell your friends.

Together, let’s make a difference!

Naked Creatives – Dedicated online marketing for Nudists and Naturists

NEWT 2016

The Naked European Walking Tour 2016 group is now open. Please register your intent to participate via

All public information will be broadcast via this group.

Richard Foley
Supporting Naked Activities

image taken from 2011 walk.

image taken from 2011 walk.

The Nudist

In The Nudist, 10 year old Raul looks at a naked couple, stripped of all kinds of prejudices. To share in the same kind of freedom, Raul must learn to discard the taboo that nakedness represents.

The filming has been completed and it has already been awarded VII European Award, University of Sevile and given a special screening as a work in progress at the next Seville European Film Festival. Even so, it is a work in progress and the producers are seeking €2,500 through crowd funding to complete post production. To date (14th October 2015), they have raised €705.00 and have 24 days left to raise the rest. If you are interested then go to and you can learn more about the film, look up their Facebook page.

Picture taken during filming of The Nudist, a short film.

Picture taken during filming of The Nudist, a short film.

Photo 2015

There is still time to enter Photo 2015.

There is a fantastic prize for the winner, a one-week holiday for two either in Canada, Greece or Thailand. The choice is yours. All you have to do send us your pictures that best describe Living Naturism.

There is a fee, £6 Sterling for three pictures and a further £2.50 for every additional picture above that, with all proceeds goes to Naturist Action Group in the UK.

More information with competition rules, entry form and model release forms can be found on our web page.

Closing date for entries is 25th September 2015.

Please share.

Health Check: Moles

My local hospital – Airedale NHS Foundation Trust – issues a regular newsletter and the July issue contains some useful information on moles, under the Health Facts banner. Now I’m hoping that this doesn’t turn into a NAG version of the commentator’s curse, but there is still time for some good weather this summer and if we are out in the sun a lot then we should be wary of any changes to moles and other skin blemishes.

All rights acknowledged for the article.


One Man’s Year As A Nudist

Auntie Beeb – an affectionate name given by a certain generation to the BBC – has published an article American writer Mark Haskell Smith who spent a year as a nudist – naturist – whatever you like to call yourself.

For an experienced naturist, Haskell Smith’s conclusion may not come as a surprise but One Man’s Year As A Nudist is an interesting read. You can also find an alternative, longer, article from the LA Weekly: Why Do People Like To Be Naked In Public, by Mindy Farabee.

This is to promote Haskell Smith’s new book: Naked At Lunch: Adventures Of A Reluctant Nudist available from


Steve Gough Again

I think I can say without fear of contradiction that Steve Gough divides naturism like no other issue. Not even whether we should call ourselves nudists or naturists. However, I hope that most – if not all of us – can agree that he is in prison for the wrong reasons.

Jonathan Blake, Archbishop of London for the Open Episcopal Church has created a petition calling on the Prime Minister, the Rt Hon David Cameron MP to have Gough released. We make no recommendation, but leave it to each individual to decide for themselves on the merits or otherwise of signing their name.

Reg Barlow
Chairman, Naturist Action Group

Nude Performance Opportunity

I’m organising a group art exhibition in central London starting 16th July 2015.
My own work is partly performance-based and I am looking for volunteers to appear without clothes during a short, live piece on the evening of the private view.

So began an email from Damien Gallagher. Naturally, being in central London this is another post aimed at those living in or around the capital. If you fancy volunteering then more information can be found from the website Lost Forever.

Lost Forever Flyer

Lost Forever Flyer

Something Lighter

As being serious all the time is hard work, here is something of a lighter note from Augustus Stephens. Naturally, this is a post for London-based naturists or those living within easy reach of Limehouse Town Hall. For more information, go to the Augustus Emperors website:

Augustus and the Holy Grail

Augustus and the Holy Grail

Dear NAG,
I was wondering if you could put up a message or page up about my event that some naturists might be interested in.

It is a comedy show called ‘Augustus and the Holy Grail’, but the theme is nudity. A journey through my adventures in being nude with jokes, verses, songs, characters and costumes and my experiences of walking with Stephen Gough. It celebrates the peace and happiness that being naked brings and the audience are welcome, even encouraged, to get naked too.

As an entertainer it is a small contribution to the campaign to make nudity more acceptable by the means of having a laugh.

I am doing a special London show at the Limehouse Town Hall, 646 Commercial Road, London, E14 7HA
Sat 4th July, 5:00pm (lasting about 1 hour).
Price: Free, with a retiring donation.

Augustus Stephens

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