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Newperran Natural – same but different

After eight years of hosting BN’s Nudefest, Newperran Holiday Park will continue to offer a nude experience for naturists in 2016.

Back in 2008, BN had organised a nude event at The Eden Project but needed somewhere for those coming a long way to stay and one of the places they contacted was Newperran Holiday Park. I asked co-owner Christine, if she thought the email had been a joke? ‘When I first received the email from BN, straight away I never had a problem,’ she replied, describing herself as a free spirit. ‘I [just] did my homework as I would with anyone who wanted to bring an event our way. Alton Towers was more than complimentary towards BN.’

Asked if she and husband Keith had any regrets about taking up with naturists, Christine replied: ‘No regrets whatsoever.’

The entire site will be naturist from 10:00 on Sunday 26th June until noon Sunday 3rd July and, if so inclined, you can be nude in all facilities.

There is a large camping area with prices inclusive of electricity. If camping doesn’t appeal to you however, there are two types of static caravan available, one of which can accommodate up to six people, or there are apartments that can house up to four. All the accommodation is offered as self-catering but if you don’t want to do that then Newperran has either a restaurant or a take-away outlet, depending on your fancy.

Evening entertainment will include among others: Edison Lighthouse, a sing-a-long (‘Everyone loves that,’ remarked Christine.), magic man and discos. It does seem a pity, however, to visit Cornwall and not see the sights. As previously mentioned, The Eden Project is not all that far away and Christine says a boat trip has been organised by Colin Gammon during the week. As for trips to the beach, Christine says that most visitors organise themselves and go under their own steam. If you fancy an off-site trip during the week then just ask Keith or Christine for help, and don’t forget to put your clothes on.

I can personally vouch that both Christine and Keith are excellent hosts, and have no doubt that you will have an enjoyable week. You can get more information from their leaflet or from their website or by speaking to Keith or Christine on 01872 572 407.

News from NAG – April 2016

Atlantic Challenge
Mention nudity and you can bet your bottom dollar that the British press will pounce on it, often to the delight of their readers. The Telegraph (21/02/2016) was just one newspaper among many that reported the four women of Yorkshire Row were rowing the Atlantic naked. Four weeks into a trans-Atlantic challenge, they blogged they had run out of clean clothes, so their boat was like a ‘nudist camp’. Well, nearly. They were still wearing their safety harnesses and lifejackets.

Rowing naked is more common than you might imagine, as shown by a Daily Mail article from 2011 when Naomi Hoogesteger was the only woman in a crew of six on another Atlantic crossing.

There is a good reason for being naked on these occasions, however, as the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge website explained, it means the rowers are not

INF Resignation

In January 2016, Stéphane Deschênes resigned from the Central Committee of the International Naturist Federation (INF-FNI) in the belief that he was ‘unable to make any meaningful impact’ with his efforts to institute reform. The following month he issued an open letter explaining the reasons for his actions.

NAG decided to contact Deschênes to ask a few more questions, which resulted in the following article. You can also download the open letter “Reforming the INF-FNI’ by Stéphane Deschênes in full in either English, French or German.

Duncan Heenan (l) from NAG, and Stephene Deschenes of Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park and INF reformer.

Duncan Heenan (l) from NAG, and Stephene Deschenes of Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park and INF reformer.

Although disagreeing with the direction the Central and Executive Committees are taking the INF-FNI, Deschênes makes no criticism of individual committee members, as some of the issues he is concerned about predate the current management. In the letter he gives 14 recommendations for a reinvigorated international organisation, which can be summarised as:

  • The INF-FNI is naturism’s equivalent to the United Nations and should be about facilitating communication between the national representative bodies.
  • The INF-FNI is instrumental in developing naturism as an ideology or philosophy, and one of its purposes should be communicating that ideology internationally.
  • The INF-FNI needs a small professionally staffed office to enable it to function, with greater involvement by its members, with managed expectations on both sides.

Although Deschênes says in the letter its contents is his personal opinion, as co-owner with is wife, Linda, of the Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park, producer and presenter of The Naturist Living Show podcast and a past President of the Federation of Canadian Naturists, in addition to his involvement with the INF-FNI for the last three years, his depth of understanding is therefore not inconsiderable.

Deschênes senses that the INF-FNI is undermining the national representative bodies by accepting individuals as members and that there needs to be boundaries between the national bodies and the INF-FNI. He explains: “People that get involved in the INF are… in the habit of dealing directly with naturists because they all come from [member] federations. They have to be reminded that the job of the INF is different.”

This argument was picked up a few years ago, when INF-FNI membership was debated by some in BN, who stated that INF’s membership rules allowed individual naturists and clubs and/or resorts to by-pass their national federations and thereby weakening them. Naturism needs strong national representative bodies to lend their strength to the INF-FNI if it is to have any sway with other international organisations and national governments.

How Deschênes sees the INF-FNI is as a place where naturism could be developed further as an ideology or a philosophy, by allowing different ideas to be communicated internationally. The INF-FNI has created a definition that has served naturism very well and has been altered over the years to expand the concept beyond what the likes of Richard Ungewitter believed naturism to be. Whether it is an ideology or a philosophy is yet to be determined. This does not mean, however, that Deschênes thinks the activities of individual naturists or that of clubs and resorts should not be supported, but perhaps this lies better with the appropriate national federation.

Perhaps the most surprising revelation in Deschênes’ letter – to this writer at least – is that the INF-FNI is sitting on a pile of cash: €500,000 (US$550,000 at the time of writing) to be precise. While much of this money has been allocated to specific accounts, it has not been earmarked for any projects. He then explained that the INF-FNI does not have “even one full-time person working for [them],” and believes that its over reliance on volunteers is detrimental to the organisation. Deschênes justified his view by explaining that he has been involved in several not-for-profit organisations and “the most effective are the ones where the volunteers set the direction and [paid] staff implemented it.” The most common complaint about the INF-FNI is the lack of timely response to communications made to it, if at all but if they were doing their job properly then it will: “only increase.” It would therefore be essential that the INF-FNI establish an office staffed by professionals. He would not be drawn on the functions the paid staff should fill but said they should be “a combination of executive director and administrator”.

Deschênes also thinks that this office should be located at a major transport hub, somewhere in Europe. At the moment the INF-FNI has a central office in Hörsching, Austria, which is 200 kilometres (125 miles) away from its closest transport hub, Vienna. London would be an obvious candidate as a location, but Deschênes believes that with the UK being outside the Schengen area (if not out of the EU altogether after June’s referendum) it would be more difficult for those travelling from mainland Europe. This should not be the case; leaving the EU could throw up some unwelcome barriers, but regardless of the outcome, the most difficult obstacle is likely to be getting a good exchange rate between Sterling and the Euro. Having said that the better European transport hubs could be either Paris or Berlin.

Having a professional office will help to manage the expectations some national federations have about what the INF-FNI can and cannot do. “A common example is that federations want the INF-FNI to come and fight for changes in [national] law,” explains Deschênes. It seems the national bodies don’t appreciate that the INF-FNI has no legal standing in the country, have no knowledge of the issues involved; as outsiders, they would find it difficult to connect with local politicians and people, and despite the €500,000 languishing in the bank, such a legal battle will quickly bankrupt the organisation.

One thing that Deschênes would like to see is greater participation in INF-FNI affairs by its members. He remarks in the open letter that: “The majority of [those sitting on the Central Committee] are from small federations: Austria, Luxembourg [previously] Canada and New Zealand. The federations who contribute the most money, and who, because of their size, have the greatest resources must get more directly involved.” However, most naturists will know – or at least should know – that many of the national federations rely heavily on volunteers and probably have their own problems in filling committee roles. Below that, other volunteer-based groups or organisations in naturism are also struggling to fill vacancies on committees, et cetera. Yet, as Deschênes says: “You can’t complain about something but then refuse to get involved in fixing the problem.”

To quote American comedienne Lily Tomlin: ‘I said why doesn’t “somebody” do something about that? Then I realised, I was “somebody”.’

Naturally Deschênes hopes that his letter sparks a debate, if not within the INF-FNI’s Central and Executive Committees then among its member organisations. As indicated above, members of British Naturism have already called for their national representative body to resign from the INF-FNI in the past. On that occasion they were defeated, but who is to say that BN’s membership will not raise it again or that members of other national representative bodies will not do the same.

Reg Barlow
Chairman, Naturist Action Group
11th March 2016.

Women in Naturism 2016

We are re-publishing a message originally posted on the BN Forum by Judith Stinchcombe, British Naturism’s chairperson, about the forthcoming Women in Naturism. Inspired by similar events in North America, this is naturally aimed directly at the UK. The lack of women in naturism to give example and act as an inspiration leads to other women declining to even try naturism. Help BN to help you and encourage greater female participation.

2016 Women in Naturism is coming along nicely but we do need everyone to think about hosting an event, think about who you will invite to that event and how you are going to go about it.

I need to you to tell me about your plans so the British Naturism Marketing team can work with you to promote your event giving you the best start to your success.

There will be weekly updates on planning but I do need you to get involved with your information.

How we will go about it?

‘Tell your Story’ – at the National Convention, I ran some sessions on the subject of ‘Women in Naturism’ and got some great ideas. We decided that women talking to women was best and I encouraged all the attendees to write about how they came into Naturism and what they get from it. You can read a few of them later in this article. We want more! Please send in your 200 words to and we’ll publish the best through the year and use them in our promotions and publicity. You can ask for your name not to be revealed.

We want clubs and swims to start a ‘buddy’ scheme so that newcomers have a named person to contact and perhaps meet in advance of their first Naturist experience

When the media start knocking on the door, they will be asking for Naturist women to appear on TV, speak on the radio and be interviewed for magazines, newspapers and websites. Could that be you? Plenty of training will be given. Please get in touch.

Bring a friend – I know from conversations with many ladies on my travels that they all have girl friends who they know would benefit from Naturism but never get round to inviting them to an event. Make 2016 the year you do!

There will be a big push this year on engaging those male naturists who have a girlfriend, a partner, a fiancée, or a wife at home who is hesitant and curious about naturism.


NAG/H&E Naturist Photo 2015: Results

In April 2015, NAG launched its second photo competition with the theme of living naturism.

The judges: Natasha Porter (aka Natansky), Sam Hawcroft and myself have now selected the best entries. It is a task that is never easy as it often comes down to personal likes and dislikes, but this time we had a clear winner, who is Dr Janos Bajusz [Photo No 1] from Hungry. Dr Bajusz has chosen Vritomartis Naturist Resort in Greece as his prize.

My thanks to everyone who entered and to the judges for their time, who gave it so freely.

Apart from the winner, the judges also selected photographs as highly commended and commended. They are:

Photo No Photographer Country Title
Highly Commended
2 Glenne Findon New Zealand Playtime on the Beach
3 Paul Montgomery UK Walking with a friend
4 Dr Janos Bajusz Hungary Mother & Daughter entering the sea
5 Gabrielle Bajusz-Birkas Hungary Romantic Moments
6 Frank Wulms Australia Nude woman in snow
7 Paul Montgomery UK Loving the freedom
8 Col Basire NZ Seeking natural shade
9 Ilana Panci Italy Dancing in the Moon


Congratulations to Dr Bajusz and to all of the above, and once again, thank you for entering. It is often said that it is a pity that there can only be one winner, how true.

See you next time.

Reg Barlow
Chairman, Naturist Action Group
February 2016

Taken at Naturist Resort Solaris, Porec, Croatia.

1. Sunset on the Adriatic by Dr Janos Bajusz

Mother and child having fun at the beach taken at Opoutere Beach, New Zealand.

2. Playtime on the beach by Glenne Findon

Walking to the supermarket taken at Almeria, Spain.

3. Walking with a friend by Paul Montgomery

Enjoying a family moment on a sunny late afternoon, taken at Bagheera Naturist Camping, Corsica, France.

4. Mother & Daughter entering the sea by Dr Janos Bajusz

Going for a late afternoon swim.

5. Romantic Moments by Gabrielle Bajusz-Birkas

Somewhere in Australia?

6. Nude woman in snow by Frank Wulms

Taken at Almeria, Spain

7. Loving the freedom by Paul Montgomery

Lady seeks shade behind silver fern taken at Matata, New Zealand.

8. Seeking natural shade by Col Basire

Taken at Kati Kati Naturist Camp, New Zealand.

9. Dancing in the Moon by Ilana Panci

Newperran Naturel 2016

You may already know that Nudefest is moving to Somerset this year.

Christine and Keith – owners of Newperran Holiday Park in Cornwall where Nudefest  had been held – want to continue with a Naturist week and are arranging the ‘Newperran Naturel Event‘. It will be open to all naturists, not just BN members between 26th June and 3rd July. Click on the link for more details.

14 Feb 2016

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