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Naturist Interaction Survey

A final year student at Bournemouth University is writing his (her) dissertation for their undergraduate honours degree course in Events and Leisure Marketing.

The dissertation is looking at participation and interaction at naturist events. It will take between 5 and 10 minutes to complete and is fully compliant with the university’s procedures for research involving human subjects.

Like all such surveys, participation in the Naturist Interaction survey is voluntary and by doing so, you are confirming you are at least 18. Other than passing on the link, NAG has no involvement with this piece of academic work.


An Interest Confirmed – results

A little while ago, we invited all our registered users to participate in a short survey, asking what made you interested in naturism in the first place. As promised, here are the findings. We cannot claim that this survey was anyway scientific, and while the results are perhaps not unexpected, I hope you will find them interesting just the same.

Once duplications and failed attempts to participate were eliminated, we had 107 replies, which is 27.6 percent of all registered users. However, it should be noted that we did not get 107 answers for both questions. This is because of the way the survey was

NAG London – summer 2018

Posted on behalf of NAG London and John Paine.

We have been busy during the winter planning a range of activities and ongoing work for this summer. We welcome your involvement in all of these!

Sunday 25th March – Naturist Meal and pub day [corrected]
This will be at The Blue Lion Inn, 133 Grays Inn Road, London WC1X 8TU from 1.00pm. You will need to act fast to book your place by the 8 March deadline! For details See flyer or ring Michael Gill on 07712651005.

If you are unable to go yourself but know someone who is UK-based and able to travel to London, and might like to go, please pass this on. Considering the deadline, urgent action is needed.

Saturday 2nd June 2018 – Naturist Picnic
NAG supporters gather at 1.30pm at the outdoor café of Kenwood House, Hampstead Lane NW3 7JR. At the top of Hampstead Heath this café is a convenient place to meet up before holding a naturist picnic on the Heath. Everyone attending will bring food and drink to share.

Saturday 2nd June 2018 – NAG London meeting
NAG London Group will hold a meeting at 5.30pm in a venue near to Hampstead Heath. Planning the latest action on several London projects will be high on the agenda. Watch for details on this website in early summer.

Saturday 9th June 2018 – London WNBR
Many NAG supporters will take part in the London Naked Bike Ride. Two start points will be organised by NAG supporters, Harvey at Regents Park and Natasha at Tower Hill. Note that this year there will be no starting point at Kings Cross. Details of the ride are on Facebook.

As in previous years volunteer helpers for stewarding, etc. on the day, will be required.

Saturday 25 August – NAG visit to Paris
Parisian naturists have an official naturist section in the Bois de Vincennes. NAG is planning a ‘fact-finding mission” from London to Paris by Eurostar over the 25 to 28 August Bank Holiday weekend. We urgently need to know now how many naturists (and perhaps their families) may like to come. To express an interest and get further information contact me now by email me direct at john.paine AT talktalk DOT net or via, john.paine AT naturistactiongroup DOT org

John Paine
NAG London co-ordinator
25th February 2018

Housekeeping #1

UK legislation relating to the Data Protection will be strengthened from May 2018 with the introduction of General Data Protection Regulation, in addition to the Data Protection Act (1998). As a consequence our policy needed updating and this has now been completed. You can read the revised Data Protection Policy by going to Downloads/Published Policies or click on the hyperlink. Please do not hesitate to contact the Data Controller if you have any questions.

Reg Barlow
Chairman, 19 Feb 2018

Naturist Lunch & Pub Day

All naturists are invited to act fast and book a ticket for this NAG social event at the Blue Lion Inn at Gray’s Inn Road, London. Be naturist all day, meet female and male naturist colleagues, have a good meal (only £20) and a happy time get together. See flyer.

Places are limited so advance booking with cheque payment and s.a.e. is essential. Details of the day, menu and to pre-book, contact the organiser Michael Gill by email: or by phone: 07712 651005

The s.a.e. is essential for you to receive your ticket. It would help Michael to also have your email, so that he can contact you in case of queries.

John Paine
NAG London co-ordinator

Photo 2017, at last the result

It is a bit later than we intended, but we are now in a position to announce the winner of the photo competition 2017, run jointly with H&E Naturist. We can always wish that we had more entries, but nevertheless we had a good number of images to judge, and of course, it was a difficult job.

Our winner is Paul Montgomery from the Wirral, with a photo taken at Fuerteventura. In his description for the photo, Paul wrote the beach was beautiful, and that Anne, his wife, found the windy conditions “exhilarating” and put to good use by kite surfers seen in the background, with amazing skill.

Winner – Paul Montgomery

Paul has won a holiday on the Mediterranean island of Formentera, kindly donated by Astbury Formentera, without whom the competition would be impossible.

The runner-up is Gary Woolley from Shropshire, with a photo of Gill Woolley taken at Zavial Naturist Beach, Sagres, Portugal. Meanwhile entries from Jeremy Dolman, Colin Basire (from New Zealand) and Attila Ambrus (from Romania) complete our line-up. While past winner, New Zealander Glenne Findon, who had one photo judged as highly commended, was clearly after another holiday on the Spanish island.

Runner up – Gary Woolley

This was the third competition NAG has run in conjunction with H&E Naturist and other sponsors, the purpose of which has been to show naturism in a positive light. The original aim was to show how recreational and non-sexual social nudity can be compatible with 21st Century living by show that, no matter what we do, clothed or not, it can be full of fun.

We thank everyone that entered and hope you’ll have a great 2018.

NAG’s London Projects

Posted on behalf of John Paine.

Following a meeting of NAG’s supporters in, and around, London on 28th October and they discussed the potential sites for open space naturism other than Hampstead Heath. Talking about Hampstead Heath, they also discussed the brief media frenzy generated in May and the opinion poll of heath users conducted in June, with encouraging results.

Following the introduction of open space naturism in Paris, NAG London is discussing the possibility of making a visit; a fact-finding mission, bit like the one some of the Management Collective did to Munich, and to enjoy the day, of course.

Finally, they discuss the potential for a Christmas Dinner at The Oxford public house, Kentish Town Road.

More details can be found in the prepared leaflet and if you’d like more information then please email John.

The next meeting is scheduled for 10 February 2018 and if you’d like to attend or to be added to the email distribution list then again, please contact

New Name Old Values

It all began in 1950 when Albert Lococq rented some 23 hectares in the Médoc with access to the Atlantic to set up Centre Helio Marin, but by 1954 he realised by being an association limited expansion. So Lococq set up SOCNAT to operate naturist holiday centres.

With five campsites, either by the sea or in the middle of the countryside, SOCNAT can offer somewhere suitable for you, whether its a tent pitch or rented accommodation.

Now under the new ownership of the Vacallans Group, it has been decided that from November 2017 SOCNAT will change its name to Tohapi Naturist with an expanded range of naturist campsites, of

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