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The London Question

Describes the work carried out by the Naturist Action Group to bring naturism to the capital.

Open spaces in London

OPEN SPACES in London jul15

A new update item on looking for open spaces suitable for naturism in London has been added. With the discussion on a Greater London National City Park we are now extending the search to cover all of Greater London, with details of how you may be able to help in the new item.

I will be the NAG co-ordinator on this and I have 40 years experience in community development. This will help to support volunteers.

John Paine

London meeting

London meeting

All supporters interested in naturism in London are invited to review recent London developments and to plan action by NAG for 2015. This will include the Greater London National City Park concept, in which NAG has been active    our Hampstead Heath Naturism project, and revitalising our The London Question project where we seek open spaces which may possibly be suitable for naturism. We will also give an update on the 2015 London WNBR.

The meeting will be at    2.00pm on Saturday 28 March 2015

The venue is a small pub near to Kings Cross station – McGlynn’s Free House Whidborne Street, LONDON WC1H 8ET   Argyle Street is opposite St. Pancras Station and Whidborne Street is at the bottom right. Please note that McGlynn’s does not have a meals service at week-ends.

The timing is to allow you to have lunch before the meeting, and after we may visit Hampstead Heath. If you are able to join us that would be great, especially if you can bring other interested naturists with you. I look forward to seeing you at McGlynn’s. On the other hand, if you are interested but cannot make the meeting I would appreciate it if you would let me know. Either way I can be contacted through

Don’t forget that we also have our Casual Naturism Survey to help identify how members of the public are usually not ‘distressed’ by naturism in open spaces. You can input information through our online Log Report form, and the results of this long-term survey will assist NAG in discussions about naturism with the police and other authorities.

John Paine

The London Question – The Way Forward

Over the last two years, a dedicated group of 50 naturists (both men and women) have reviewed 25+ parks and open spaces in London for The London Question (TLQ). After our aborted naked picnic, John Pain, Duncan Heenan and Harvey Allen had a high level meeting with representatives of the City of London Corporation.

You can learn more about that and how we think how TLQ should go forward by attending a meeting on Sunday 8th September 2013 between 15:00hrs and 17:00hrs, with John Pain hosting. More details are included our invitation to all supporters who live or work in London, and occurs just after the UCL naturist swim.

Reg Barlow

Chairman, Naturist Action Group

Missing woman found dead in Ladies’ Swimming Pond

On Monday, 5th August, the body of 50-year-old Sussie Ahlburg, a successful photographer, was found in the Ladies Swimming Pond, after a missing person’s report had been filed the previous day. On Friday, Ham and High, the local newspaper, stated that the police were not treating Ms Alhburg’s death as suspicious but the pond was still closed to swimmers as police divers continued to search it and there was no indication when the pond would be re-opened.

As a consequence, female swimmers were encouraged to use the men’s pond instead, rather than the nearby mixed swimming pond. Naturist Action Group supporter, John McPartlin has written the following to Ham and High, and copied it to Sue Ireland (Director of Open Spaces, City of London Corporation), Glenda Jackson MP, Hampstead and Kilburn (Lab) and Tulip Siddiq, Labour’s prospective parliamentary candidate for Hampstead and Kilburn.

“Following the recent tragedy at the Ladies Bathing Pond on Hampstead Heath, in which a swimmer lost her life, the pool has now been closed indefinitely.  Ladies are in the meantime being asked to take themselves along not to the mixed swimming lake, however, which would have seemed to be the most logical response, but, instead, on a morning only basis, to use the Men’s Pond, where naturist sunbathing is permitted and is commonplace.  The result has been to have women now sharing friendly chats with men not wearing a costume, and even joining them in the showers.  This is all rather jolly and everyone appears to enjoy the new arrangement and hopes that it will continue.  Naturist Action Group has in the past asked whether the City of London Corporation, which administers the heath, could not set aside a small secluded area of the parkland for mixed naturist sunbathing, for which there is a demand, but this has so far always been declined. In the light of this new development it would seem that the corporation is now becoming more amenable to the suggestion.

“I would be grateful if you could share your views on this subject.

“Yours sincerely,

“John McPartlin”

If any of the above should choose to share their views with John McPartlin then with permission, we shall share it with you too.

A Statement on Hampstead Heath

In May 2013 NAG published information about holding a proposed Naturist Picnic at Cohen’s Field, on Hampstead Heath, on Saturday 29 June. The City of London is responsible for managing Hampstead Heath and they wrote to NAG asking that the Picnic be cancelled. The City offered to meet with NAG to discuss issues related to such an activity at Hampstead Heath. NAG therefore agreed to cancel the Picnic so that the meeting could take place on 4 July.

The meeting was held in an office at Hampstead Heath and a considerable amount of information was exchanged. NAG is currently considering the implications of the new information received in that meeting. At the present time there are no plans for NAG to set a new date, or organise, a Naturist Picnic on Hampstead Heath. The door was left open for NAG to continue a dialogue with the City Corporation.

The NAG project The London Question will continue. In due course NAG will issue more information on how naturists, who are keen to see more opportunities for naturism within greater London, can assist with this.

John Paine   NAG project leader

July 2013

Hampstead Heath Naturist Picnic

The following text has been upload on behalf of John Paine:

As part of our work on The London Question we want to demonstrate that naturism in a setting such as Hampstead Heath is a life-enhancing – not life-disturbing – situation. After the razzamataz of the 2013 London WNBR a few weeks before on Saturday 8 June we thought that a more sedate naturist event in London would also help promote the cause of naturism in our capital city.

We invite you to join NAG for a ‘clothing optional’ Naturist Picnic at Cohen’s Field in the north-easterly part of Hampstead Heath. So from 2.00pm onwards, on Saturday 29 June 2013 we look forward to many naturists and friends joining us at Hampstead Heath. A pedestrian access near Kenwood House, on Hampstead Lane, is the nearest. Some bus services also stop near there.

Bring your own picnic and suitable drink; musical instruments would also be very welcome. You may shed as many clothes as you feel comfortable with on the day. If the weather is not good enough to hold the NAG Naturist Picnic on that day then we shall hold it instead on Saturday 6 July 2013. The same details will apply.

You can also download our leaflet on this event to pass on to other NAG supporters and interested friends. To get some idea on a possible attendance please let us know if you are likely to attend this special naturist event. See our website for further details.

John Paine

Naturism in London IS Happening

In the latest series of articles about The London Question for H&E Naturist, John Paine explains that London isn’t as bereft of naturists and naturist events as we first thought. More can still be done however and now that the small matters of the Queen’s jubilee celebrations, the Olympics and Paralympics are almost over, NAG is looking to resuming its investigation. Read John’s article Naturism is happening in London prior to publication.

Demonstrators Wanted (part 2)

It has been pointed out to me that in my enthusiasm for taking The London Question beyond the naturist community that I have been clumsy with my words. The use of the phrase “flash-mob type” has given the wrong impression to people for which I apologise.

This year, London has already played a major part in the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations and, of course, we are currently enjoying the Olympics. For both events the Metropolitan Police Service has – is – mounting large security operations and we saw no strategic advantage for naturism in adding to their woes. This summer we shall be conducting a “proof of concept” and quieter demonstration at a time and date yet to be determined, with just a few selected participants. Next year, well that’s another matter entirely and NAG will not rule out civil disobedience as a means to gain publicity for issues that effect UK naturists.

I am sorry to disappoint anyone, and hope you are still interested in helping us to put naturist issues before the public then contact us with your email and/or mobile number. Please read our privacy policy and be assured that your details will not be passed on to third parties or used for any other purpose. Thank you for your assistance.
Yours sincerely
Reg Barlow,
Chairman, Naturist Action Group

The London Question – latest report

The latest report about progress with The London Question, following a meeting in central London last March has been released and can be read HERE.

If you are interested in helping the Naturist Action Group to answer The London Question, contact John Paine, our project co-ordinator who is waiting for your email!
Issued on behalf of John Paine.

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