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A London-based campaign to promote open space naturism in London and for Londoners, following the example of the English Garden, Munich, Germany.

Picnic on the Heath

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The weather forecast in London on the morning of 16thJune was not promising by all accounts but the sun did come out for the Hampstead Heath Picnic and four hardy souls persevered and by all accounts had an enjoyable afternoon. Rather than repeating my report for the day, I’ll leave you to read Hampstead Heath: Picnic in the Sun.

Before you go, take a look at our brief revision of the Summer 2019 Outdoors.

John Paine
June 2019

Summer 2019 – London

If you believe the weather forecasters, this summer could be a hot one. Our colleagues in London have a programme of events and actions that just might interest to you.

This an updated post London Summer 2019 that was originally published on 31 March and followed by a correction Gremlin Trouble, published on 5 April. These have now been withdrawn and with this post, everyone should see the correction.

John Paine
April 2019

NAG is very active

NAG supporters keep coming up with new campaigning issues and actions. Recently these have been preliminary work on a possible swim in south London, a campaign march, confirming a beach in Essex, and the 4-day fact-finding mission to Paris.

YOU meeting with us

For face-to-face contact NAG supporters can occasionally meet with NAG’s senior volunteers at

Annual Report

Today, we are publishing our Annual Report for 2018 covering the period 1stMarch 2017 to 28thFebruary 2018.

Financially, NAG ended the fiscal year with a small deficit, largely as a consequence of spending more than £1,000 on campaigning. The bank balance itself is still good; even so, your donations would be more than welcome and gratefully received.

For the last eight years, Naturist Action Group has operated as a national strategic advocacy group for UK naturism. The Management Collective feel that it’s time to re-energise the group and realise that we are not the only source for good ideas. If after reading our Annual Report, ideas come flooding into your head, don’t keep them to yourself, tell us. No idea is off limits or to be thought of as ‘silly’. You can use the comments below, or if pen and paper is your thing, send it to our postal address given at the back of the report, marking the envelope for the Chairman’s attention, or send it by email to reg.barlow AT naturistactiongroup DOT org.

Reg Barlow,
10 May 2018

NAG London – summer 2018

Posted on behalf of NAG London and John Paine.

We have been busy during the winter planning a range of activities and ongoing work for this summer. We welcome your involvement in all of these!

Sunday 25th March – Naturist Meal and pub day [corrected]
This will be at The Blue Lion Inn, 133 Grays Inn Road, London WC1X 8TU from 1.00pm. You will need to act fast to book your place by the 8 March deadline! For details See flyer or ring Michael Gill on 07712651005.

If you are unable to go yourself but know someone who is UK-based and able to travel to London, and might like to go, please pass this on. Considering the deadline, urgent action is needed.

Saturday 2nd June 2018 – Naturist Picnic
NAG supporters gather at 1.30pm at the outdoor café of Kenwood House, Hampstead Lane NW3 7JR. At the top of Hampstead Heath this café is a convenient place to meet up before holding a naturist picnic on the Heath. Everyone attending will bring food and drink to share.

Saturday 2nd June 2018 – NAG London meeting
NAG London Group will hold a meeting at 5.30pm in a venue near to Hampstead Heath. Planning the latest action on several London projects will be high on the agenda. Watch for details on this website in early summer.

Saturday 9th June 2018 – London WNBR
Many NAG supporters will take part in the London Naked Bike Ride. Two start points will be organised by NAG supporters, Harvey at Regents Park and Natasha at Tower Hill. Note that this year there will be no starting point at Kings Cross. Details of the ride are on Facebook.

As in previous years volunteer helpers for stewarding, etc. on the day, will be required.

Saturday 25 August – NAG visit to Paris
Parisian naturists have an official naturist section in the Bois de Vincennes. NAG is planning a ‘fact-finding mission” from London to Paris by Eurostar over the 25 to 28 August Bank Holiday weekend. We urgently need to know now how many naturists (and perhaps their families) may like to come. To express an interest and get further information contact me now by email me direct at john.paine AT talktalk DOT net or via, john.paine AT naturistactiongroup DOT org

John Paine
NAG London co-ordinator
25th February 2018

NAG’s London Projects

Posted on behalf of John Paine.

Following a meeting of NAG’s supporters in, and around, London on 28th October and they discussed the potential sites for open space naturism other than Hampstead Heath. Talking about Hampstead Heath, they also discussed the brief media frenzy generated in May and the opinion poll of heath users conducted in June, with encouraging results.

Following the introduction of open space naturism in Paris, NAG London is discussing the possibility of making a visit; a fact-finding mission, bit like the one some of the Management Collective did to Munich, and to enjoy the day, of course.

Finally, they discuss the potential for a Christmas Dinner at The Oxford public house, Kentish Town Road.

More details can be found in the prepared leaflet and if you’d like more information then please email John.

The next meeting is scheduled for 10 February 2018 and if you’d like to attend or to be added to the email distribution list then again, please contact

Bois de Vincennes Visit

Here is a short video about the last days of this summer at the new naturist zone at Bois de Vincennes, Paris; the interviews are conducted in French, but we feel that you’ll still enjoy it.

Love the naked line dancing. I still have two left feet, though.

Some NAG supporters are going to Paris in 2018, to show their support and find out if they can utilise the tactics used in our campaign to have open space naturism on Hampstead Heath recognised. (Other large open spaces in London could follow.) They are currently looking at either mid-May or the August bank holiday and we would like to invite anyone interested to join them. Naturally, we thought the estimated 270,000 French nationals living in South-East England may also be interested. We are only asking for expressions of interest at this stage but anyone considering this should be prepared to pay their own way. Please email John Paine or alternatively use our contact form to let us know. In either case, please use the subject line ‘Paris Visit’.

Please share on social media, especially to our French brethren.

Bois de Vincennes

Naturism is a lifestyle that improves our well-being, both psychological and physical. Naturist Action Group (NAG) advocates the acceptance of the lifestyle by UK society. If you would like to support NAG in its work then don’t forget to click on the donate button at the top of this page or talk to our treasurer about setting up a standing order for a regular donation. £2.50 – less than the price of a cup of coffee – per month could lead to some great things being done.


Helpers needed

An urgent message for any of our supporters in the London, UK area.

NAG has conducted the first part of survey on Hampstead Heath today, asking members of the public their opinion of naturism being allowed on the heath. John Paine is planning two follow up sessions on Wednesday 28 June and Saturday 1 July. If you are available either or both afternoons can you please contact John on his private email address or call 01865 513103.

In two hours from 2pm, John and three others collected replies from 116 respondents, but as always we need more and hence the two extra sessions.

Apologise to those who are already involved with this project and have indicated that they are unable to assist.

Annual Report 2017

We have the pleasure of publishing our Annual Report for 2017. As always, we would welcome your comments about anything we are doing, or not doing or how we can do things better. If you prefer to either email me direct or any of my colleagues then you do so through the contacts page. Alternative, if your prefer to put pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, please send your missive to our registered address marked for the attention of the person you wish to address your question or questions, with a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Many thanks,

Please Help Us to Campaign for You!

To make a donation to NAG, please use the Donate link at the top of this page. Alternatively, we will appreciate any donation no matter how small sent to our registered address on our Contact page.