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Smile, you’re the best lady loser.

Has anyone noticed that all the activists in NAG are men! I cannot help but think we are missing something important here. The female voice. Leaving aside the “Men are from Mars, Women from Venus” theory about the differences between the genders, women do see things differently and it is a point of view that we men ignore at our peril.

In October 2012, Naturist Life published an article by Emma James, “Smile, You’re The Best Lady Loser”, setting out her views about the state of naturism in the UK. Whether you agree or disagree with her conclusions, they are interesting and, as someone who has taken to public naturism only comparatively recently, important.

In a vain attempt to redress the lack of female voices in NAG, you can read Emma’s article Smile, You’re The Best Lady Loser in full.

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