Naturists Campaigning for Naturism


Naturists need to ‘Campaign’.

Why I think naturists need to ‘Campaign’.

By Duncan Heenan

This is a personal meditation on why I helped to set up NAG. It may, or may not, help you in deciding whether you want to become involved.

I have been a naturist since, in my teens, I discovered the liberating joy of being naked. I brought my family up in this way, we swam naked when we could, took naturist holidays, used naturist beaches and we eventually joined a Sun Club, and are still members, though we go there less nowadays. However, over the years, as nudity came to feel more ‘the norm’ for me, and less of a special treat, I felt cheated that I could not do some of my everyday activities without the bother of clothing. Going to the Sun Club or naturist beach was still fun, but after a while I began to resent having to travel miles or withdraw from my normal activities, just to be naked.

To some people it is enough to treat nakedness as a hobby; to go to a Club or beach occasionally and just sit around naked. Those who are satisfied with this have all they need and so don’t see any need for ‘campaigning’, unless their particular beach or club is threatened. Some like to do some recruiting and think of this as campaigning. For myself, I don’t feel the need to try to convince others to live as I do, but I do resent being forced to live as they do – which brings me to the point.

Those of us who wish to live a naturist lifestyle can currently only do so in a restricted way. The restrictions are both legal and social. The Law on nudity is actually less restrictive than many people believe, but the way most people and The Authorities react to nudity in public places treats it as if it is illegal and unacceptable, and therefore tries to restrict it. Much of this response comes from the social attitude towards those who prefer to be clothes-free. The reaction

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