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NAG operations being reviewd

With the Coronavirus restrictions currently in place all NAG activities, which involve people physically meeting, are suspended. Work continues in the background on various NAG projects. New information on NAG activity dates will be given at the appropriate time.

After 10 years of successful operation, as a UK naturist organisation run totally by volunteers, the NAG management collective is reviewing how NAG operates to campaign for UK naturist freedom and acceptance.

At March 2020 the members of the small NAG management collective team are:

                  Chair – John Paine (Oxford)

                 Treasurer – Duncan Heenan (Worcestershire)

                Webmaster – Robert Brown (Clacton)

               Collective members – Pete Knight (Gloucester)

                                                   – Harvey Allen ( N. London)

              Associate – Nick Mayhew-Smith (S. London)

The team appreciate the amount of valuable work which Reg Barlow, a NAG founder member, contributed to NAG over a period of 12 years.

NAG gives help to campaigning activities which NAG supporters wish to develop in several UK locations. It also operates national projects in which NAG supporters play a valuable role. As well as working with several UK naturist bodies, such as BN, NAG has direct links with campaigning naturist organisations, and individual naturists, in several countries around the world.

                                                                                                  John Paine – Chair    April 2020

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