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2019 in London

NAG supporters will be very active in London during 2019. Our first action will be to meet on Saturday 16 February to plan a range of activities. These include several naked visits to Hampstead Heath – including holding a summer naked picnic there. We will also be exploring opportunities to be naked in a number of the larger London parks and open spaces. The Greater London National Park project continues to receive our attention,  we promote with them the need to include naturism as a legitimate use of London’s open space, where appropriate.

In June NAG supporters will be very active in assisting and participating in the London WNBR. A date is likely to be set for another Naked Pub Day, including lunch. In September we will visit Paris to enjoy the opportunity for naturist activities there. We will also discuss with APNEL and ANP colleagues their plans for official naturist action in Bois de Boulogne. No doubt on 16 February NAG supporters will also be suggesting other exciting London actions.

The venue for the Saturday 16 February meeting will depend on the numbers wishing to attend. It would therefore be helpful if you could contact me at    if you would like to participate in that meeting.

John Paine    NAG London co-ordinator

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