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NAG Press & Media campaign – will you help?

Early in 2019, NAG will be setting out to tackle the poor treatment of naturism, and nudity in general, by the press and media. We intend to do this initially by contacting as many of the movers and shakers in journalism and the media that we can, with a statement of what we think they are doing wrong, and some suggestions for a better approach. This may stimulate some interest in itself, but it is only the start of a longer running campaign to give a continuing flow of reactions and feedback to journalists, editors and the like, when we feel they have treated the subject badly, or inaccurately; and maybe congratulations when they get it right!

To do this we need a group of volunteers to be ready to write the necessary emails & letters, and if necessary to talk to those involved. Leads will be given to the group, but part of the group’s remit will also be to keep an eye on the press and media, both locally and nationally, and to pass on stories within the group as they see fit. This process will take a long time, so we need people who are prepared to maintain their interest long term, even if things go quiet for periods. Though some guidelines will be issued to help provide consistency of the message we are transmitting, there is a need for volunteers to be self motivated and exercise initiative, and their personal style. All work will be done in individuals’ real name, and at volunteers’ own cost (though costs, if any at all, will be minimal). Communications within the group will mostly be by email. We are not looking for literary geniuses, just ordinary folk who can express their opinion cogently, and who want naturism to become more acceptable to the world.

If you would like to be part of the Press & Media Group, let me know by email to . It would help me if you could let me know what region you live in, and anything you’d like to say about yourself (which will be kept confidential).

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  • Hi Duncan, as you may be aware, I was editor of BN magazine from 2010-13 until AW and JS emptied me out. I still write a monthly column for H&E and would be happy to help with this project. Obviously I have no problem with being named. M

  • As you may remember, It was I who raised concerns about press coverage and the sensationalism and mockery instilled into many reports of incidents involving nudity and also where wrong information has been given regarding the law.
    In the past, I have personally contacted newspaper reporters and editors via email and have successfully had badly written articles taken down from the site.
    I am always on the lookout for such articles, which are, I believe decreasing in number. Stories I have read more recently seem to be where an offence appears to have been committed. In the past, I had seen reports such as, “Naked man spotted walking through woods” (which he was quite within the law to do) with the ridicule and ‘shock’ and ‘mortification’ adjectives.
    I would be happy to continue to weed out and respond to the offending news groups.
    I am from North Lincolnshire.
    Count me in.

  • Found this one earlier…
    It seems the Wakefield police are still not aware that this scarecrow was acting lawfully and not a naked ‘offender’ as they thought! Surely this would apply, had he been a real person. This police assumption needs addressing.

    • Ha! Ha!

  • Hi Duncan – I was going to write but I`m past all that kind of bother and chasing shadows now and so just offer that all is not as bad as it may seem. Papers need to sell and nudity is that human funny-bone that will always give a tingle or two when struck. And so does, Ad Infinitum.
    Nudity, sex and privacy are inseparable in the human context and so from under the typical blanket of domestic secrecy they rarely emerge. In company at least.
    So give them a target for free and they`ll strike on the basis that the resultant schadenfreud will tickle the tills with many coins of silver and gold.
    Try laughing out loud next time, tell them.

    • I’m not really sure what you are trying to say. That we are wasting our time? If so, I hope not. Nothing changes, unless it is changed. That’s what NAG is about.

  • I think NAG should be about putting more, preferably bare, bums on our domestic beaches come clement enough weather and improvising in various ways on keeping naturism as alive and well as possible at other times.

    Keen athletes and fitness fantantics don’t stop running when its cold and wet and we should have more respect for a pedigree that is said to promote hardiness at least. I’ve been to Studland on many a fine sunny Winters day and found myself to be in a minority of one among the packs of intrepid shore shufflers when, 5 miles and less West I wouldn’t be the only cold water swimmer in view (even if I was).

    True, we have some at Studland too but… nobody watches either particularly. Otherwise the farrago of ‘Illustrated Fake News and Associated Comments generally offering naturist support’ of July’17 locally rebounded on the conspirators with the truth of naked beach-going attendance ‘bottoming-out’ as being ‘impolite at worst’ in cllrs eyes and so saving the savvy-navvy a long walk to find a nice spot upon which to phlump ever since. Just be forthright, and a tad patient perhaps.

    Pity was that so very few came to play last year, with the old ‘stump’ having been washed-away by storms and tides maybe. (“So where we gonna go now?!”)

  • Change is definitely needed. Negative media reports are a form of repression. Naturists should be able to pursue their activities without the fear of possible humiliation from the press.
    I think there should be more control on ‘freedom of the press’ anyway, following the recent coverage of the couple who were arrested over the ‘Gatwick drone’ activity.
    From the reports, we were given:
    The names and ages of a man and his wife.
    There were many photos of what they look like.
    Where they live. (A photo of their house in Crawley.)
    His job.
    Where he works.
    How long he has worked there
    His bosses name and age.
    The name and age of their neighbour.
    Suspected just because he has an interest in model aircraft and shared his interest on Facebook in 2010!
    Then later released with no charge but still, the world has access to all the published information about them. It’s wrong!

  • I agree with Duncan 100%.

    This is not just a little bit of innocent banter from the press; it’s a vindictive attempt to disgrace innocent naturism.

    People who read the papers are so gullible that they believe what they read without question. Far too many people already believe there’s a connection between naturism and sordid activity and reading unjustified rubbish in the press only helps to reinforce this belief in people’s minds.

    It needs to be stopped and the individuals who write this rubbish need to be identified and reprimanded.

    The newspapers will only change their behavior if their readers make enough complaints.

    John Wood.

  • An article in the Daily Echo (aka Bournemouth Echo) has given naturists a good news story for the beginning of 2019. In ‘Naked man was reported to police after two women spotted him in Rempstone Forest’ by Jade Grassby, quoted Police Sergeant Carmel Ryan [who] said: “Following our media appeal the man involved has contacted Dorset Police and has been spoken to. I am now confident that no offences were committed. The man and women involved have been updated.”

    Grassby concluded: ‘It is not an offence to be naked in public in England and Wales, unless it can be proved by the complainant that the person had an intention to cause harassment, alarm or distress.’

    You can read the full article by going to the Bournemouth Echo.

    This is an illustration of all the hard work from NAG and BN over the years who have brought us here. Now for the next step.

    Thanks to db for the original post, which has been edited to comply with copyright law.

  • Hi – Thank you Reg for your cool synopsis of a “no sin” encounter that obviously was no more than a passing-by and so could have resulted in another version saying maybe…..

    … Athough getting double “spotted” as he went his own way, Santa remained impeccably undressed whilst the two ‘Walking the Dog’detectorists obviously got the wrong vibes.

    So, though a nice walk in the right direction it still needs a little nagging attention in the reportage “language used” direction and a more decisive initial reaction from the police who, of course, only had “nothin to go on.”

    But. Going back to words above, what we need now is more of them, on the move still of course, and not quite yet on the beach.

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