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NAG Press & Media campaign – will you help?

Early in 2019, NAG will be setting out to tackle the poor treatment of naturism, and nudity in general, by the press and media. We intend to do this initially by contacting as many of the movers and shakers in journalism and the media that we can, with a statement of what we think they are doing wrong, and some suggestions for a better approach. This may stimulate some interest in itself, but it is only the start of a longer running campaign to give a continuing flow of reactions and feedback to journalists, editors and the like, when we feel they have treated the subject badly, or inaccurately; and maybe congratulations when they get it right!

To do this we need a group of volunteers to be ready to write the necessary emails & letters, and if necessary to talk to those involved. Leads will be given to the group, but part of the group’s remit will also be to keep an eye on the press and media, both locally and nationally, and to pass on stories within the group as they see fit. This process will take a long time, so we need people who are prepared to maintain their interest long term, even if things go quiet for periods. Though some guidelines will be issued to help provide consistency of the message we are transmitting, there is a need for volunteers to be self motivated and exercise initiative, and their personal style. All work will be done in individuals’ real name, and at volunteers’ own cost (though costs, if any at all, will be minimal). Communications within the group will mostly be by email. We are not looking for literary geniuses, just ordinary folk who can express their opinion cogently, and who want naturism to become more acceptable to the world.

If you would like to be part of the Press & Media Group, let me know by email to . It would help me if you could let me know what region you live in, and anything you’d like to say about yourself (which will be kept confidential).

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