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A couple of things… Revisited

Well, one thing actually.

Attached is a new leaflet with contact details for Harvey Allen, who is organising the Naked Lunch at The Blue Lion in WC1. Harvey also asks that you send him a self-address envelope to return the tickets in along with payment. I’m sorry but payment via PayPal, etc is still not accepted, but if you wish to pay by bank transfer instead, please email Harvey for more details.

I am told that so far Harvey has had a good response, but as always with such things, the more the merrier. If we can give The Blue Lion’s management a good indication of just how popular naked dining is then they might have us back.



4 Responses to A couple of things… Revisited

  • It is good news that NAG are organising another naked event at this venue. I went to the one there in March and really enjoyed it. It is a great opportunity to meet old and new friends who share a preference for socialising nude. The food was fine and the pub and staff were very welcoming. Naked dining events seem to be happening more often from what I’ve seen mentioned on various websites recently, lets hope this trend continues.

  • Is this event still happening? I responded to the email address provided as soon as it was announced here, before the organiser went away and to the correct address (I’ve double-checked). I’ve sent follow up emails and not heard anything back.

    • Hello Nick,
      I’m assuming that you’re referring to the naked lunch that is happening this weekend. To my knowledge it is, but sorry someone should’ve contacted you. I redirect your message to someone who should be able to help you.

  • Yes Reg I was. I first sent an email on 01.10.18 and the last follow up was sent on Wednesday this week. I had no better luck with the phone number provided either.

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