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Body Freedom moves to New York

I have received the following from George Davis. George has for a long time been campaigning for Body Freedom in his native San Francisco (see previous posts about San Francisco), and is now carrying his campaign to New York, which seems a bit more liberal in its approach. I have met George and he is a credit to naturism; active, eloquent, peaceful, polite, logical and pleasant.
Invitation to you. Yes! YOUU! Plus + your social media and personal friends:

Ultimate Freedom Concert
Sunday, September 2, 2018
Duffy Square (Times Square), NYC
47th St and Broadway
Noon to 6pm
Dress Code: Bare as You Dare, fully clothing optional
Music, Singing, Dancing, and petitioning for the principle that Nudists don’t go to jail
This is a fun, first-of-a-kind. global consciousness changing event with a good after-party.
We thank the City of New York and the NYPD for cooperating with us to make this event possible and recognizing the principle that public nudity is an appropriate format for artistic, theatrical, and political expression.

Host: Ton Dou, singer/songwriter
Ton Dou Quotes: “Nakedness predates any form of governance, and the freedom to enjoy and explore it whether for artistic, personal, recreational or spiritual purposes is rightfully ours.”
“Bare Body Freedom is as natural and significant a human right and life choice as any other and should never be legislated as criminal behavior.”
Note to musicians and entertainers: We have an amplified sound permit. Right now a few time slots are open for performance art.

Bare Body Freedom is the philosophy that the naked human body and all body parts are normal, natural, and works of art. You would think this philosophy would be self-evident and common sense. You would think hiding one’s genitals and breasts behind textiles with their supernatural? powers as a ridiculous and absurd concept. But in too many communities today in America, or around the world for that matter, a simple, harmless, nonsexual public nudist could be subject to police harassment or arrest.

The vision of the Ultimate Freedom Concert is expanding a world society where people are physically and psychologically healthier, more appreciative and respectful of themselves and each other, and possess a greater mental and body consciousness of reality.

Have you ever imagined a world wide revolution and change of consciousness towards reality, with no violence, in fact with government and police cooperation. Ever imagine a revolution with music, singing, bare body freedom, and dancing in the streets in one of the most iconic locations on the globe. (Where else is even as remotely as significant as a prime Times Square location? Trafalgar Square, London? St. Peters Square, Rome? Red Square, Kremlin, Moscow? Mecca? Capitol Mall, Washington, DC? Tiananmen Square, Beijing?)

We also chose New York City because in a few months it will be the 50th anniversary of Woodstock, definitely a defining New York event. After the fact that 500,000 people could peacefully get together for a music festival with minimal government and police presence, the most vivid public memory of Woodstock was the nudity there. Yes, there was lots of nudity at Woodstock! To many, the biggest unfulfilled promise of the 1960’s was the failure to develop a clothing optional world. By showing up in Times Square, Sunday, September 2, you can start to make now the time for this promise to come true.

We are not looking for leaders or followers. We are looking for co-conspirators. Join us.

We already know that if you are an artist, nudist, visionary, dreamer, hippy, true intellectual or are a Bare Body Freedom Activist, you are going to make every effort to be at the Ultimate Freedom Concert and will chain email this invite to your friends and social media. If you want to help finance the Ultimate Freedom Concert, go to the contact site:, pay $50 and get a cool, custom designed, LED commemorative bracelet.

FAQ’s to the naysayers to Bare Body Freedom:

Won’t Bare Body Freedom be a long evolving process?

We know from polling and field experience that in a sophisticated American urban area about 1/3 of the population is enthusiastically for Bare Body Freedom, 1/3 doesn’t care either way, and 1/3 will poll opposed, but of the opposition half can be easily educated out of their position through common sense, logic, and real time environmental interaction with nudists. With a lifting of censorship of nude images, lifestyles and an open society, hard core opposition to Bare Body Freedom falls to about 5% neurotic, hardcore prudes. We already have the intellectual majority, the only thing really stopping Bare Body Freedom is entropy. . . . (Textilism is the term nudists use to describe people who are or feel required to wear unnecessary clothing) A similar compulsory body control system similar to textilism took place during the Manchu dynasty in China from the early 17th Century to the Xinhai Revolution of 1911, about a 300 year period. The Manchu men, who conquered China, wore their hair in a queue (pigtail). The subjugated Han Chinese super-majority under the charge of treason and the death penalty had to adopt this fashion style. Interestingly, it was the Han Chinese themselves and not the Manchus who were in charge of enforcing this fashion code. Even Chinese immigrants to America wore queues in case they wanted to return or be buried in China with their ancestors. Most of the Han Chinese got used to this fashion style and thought little of it for centuries. After the modernization policies of Sun Yat-Sen and others after the 1911 revolt, the Han Chinese could not cut their queues off fast enough. The last Manchu Emperor cut off his queue in 1923. So, Bare Body Freedom needs not to be a long process.

Isn’t Bare Body Freedom a trivial narcissistic pursuit compared to the other big problems in the world?

Very many “cause” oriented people trivialize the Bare Body Freedom Movement versus their favorite causes like environmental degradation, economic inequalities, civil liberties, or the political causes of the day. Yet, they get to express their ideas all day long with little harassment or effect in America. Yet, a Bare Body Freedom Activist is frequently subject to arrest for expressing themselves. Why the vigorous suppression of something so seemingly harmless? Bare Body Freedom is far from a new idea. Classical Greece and Rome were clothing optional societies. In fact, many historians divide the ancient and modern world to 394 AD, the year the Christian Roman Emperor Theodosius I banned the over 1000 year-old Olympics, which were competed in the nude, because they were too pagan, Also, prior to the Christian missionaries, many pre-Columbian American Indian Societies and other island cultures were nudist or textile minimalists. Is Bare Body suppression because clothing creates hierarchies and nudism is the opposite of hierarchy? Go to a nudist resort. Look at a nudist. Can you tell if you are looking at a professor, bank teller, or fast food worker? They are just human beings alike to each other. Is it because shedding clothing sheds body insecurities and feelings of shame and inadequacy? Do most modern existing social orders want people to be stress free, egalitarian and thinking independent thoughts? In theory, yes. In practice, probably not. Bare Body Freedom is for fun and better mental and physical health. When people truly feel better about themselves and others, won’t all these other causes benefit? How is Bare Body Freedom and realistic perceptions a trivial pursuit?

Finally, What about the children? Isn’t the nude human body something harmful for children to see?

Intuitively, one would think that children raised around nudity would have no neurotic body shame and a better reality sense of the human body, and an overall better sense of being. Childhood nudity has been intensively studied by psychologists and sociologists in America and Europe for decades. Yes! Better mental and social health in children have been their conclusions. There are no studies that shows social nudity harming children. Repeat. There are no studies that show childhood nudity experiences are harmful to healthy child development.

The Ultimate Freedom Concert is the first time a Bare Body Freedom Event of this magnitude has ever taken place. We have a minimalist advertising budget, so we are dependent on your desire for Bare Body Freedom to spread. Send this invitation to your friends. If you like fun, dancing, singing, and being part of history, we’ll see you and your friends, Sunday, September 2, the day before Labor Day. at Duffy Square (Times Square).


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