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Police Scotland Update.

Love or loath him, many readers may recall the difficulties the naked rambler got into during his walks from Land’s End to John O’Groats, especially in Scotland.

Campaigner Juliette Gill has tweeted that Police Scotland will now be informing their control rooms that simple public nudity is not an offence and anyone reporting a naturist will be told accordingly. The only reason an officer will be sent to investigate further is when the person displays behaviour that is concerning.

This is Gill’s victory and hers alone; not NAG’s and, as far as we are aware, not British Naturism’s.

Well done.

13:00hrs 10th July — I have been corrected, Juliette is Regional Committee for BN in Scotland, and a hardworking volunteer. Hope no one was offended and apologise if they were.

6 Responses to Police Scotland Update.

  • Well done Juliette.

  • Absolutely fantastic! I hope this is taught in officer training, and passed down to every officer to prevent any mishaps.
    Big thanks Juliette!

  • I am a regional BN volunteer with remit for publicity and campaigning in Scotland and Northern Ireland. No naturist works in isolation. I contacted Police Scotland after BNs legal group negotiated new guidelines with the College of Policing in England and Wales. I will contact the police in Northern Ireland next. BN and NAG volunteers have both worked well together previously to bring about changes in how legislators treat naturists and have inspired others like myself to get active.

    However there is no “I” in team and naturists could make so much more progress if we pulled together more often to challenge legislators and public prejudice. The changes in policing in England, Scotland and Wales will only be of benefit if we get out from behind high walls, let people know about our lifestyle and get involved in any campaigns going.

    Juliette Gill

    • I totally agree Juliette. Volunteers on the ground for both organisations have done some very good work, both together and separately. There are those, however, who continue to point the finger at NAG because our formation stemmed from, among other things, a desire for BN to conduct a more robust campaigning strategy and the EC at the time, didn’t. When you point a finger at someone else, you automatically have three others point right back at you. We have always been ready to co-operate. The issue lies elsewhere.

      Even so, you and your team deserve congratulations and we have always been prepared to give credit where it is due.


  • Well done Juliette about time there was some sense to all of this, and hope that we get left alone now.

  • Great news! Well done to all concerned!

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