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NAG is very active

NAG supporters keep coming up with new campaigning issues and actions. Recently these have been preliminary work on a possible swim in south London, a campaign march, confirming a beach in Essex, and the 4-day fact-finding mission to Paris.

YOU meeting with us

For face-to-face contact NAG supporters can occasionally meet with NAG’s senior volunteers at

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  • I’ve not been able to join any of the meet ups due to distance but it’s great to see all this progress. I have always acknowledged NAG when possible when commenting publically. One of my most recent, was when I contacted a newspaper regarding a man seen out walking and reported. The man was arrested with possible ‘indecent exposure’ or ‘Public order’ charges! He was later released ‘pending investigation’. The resulting story was filled with outdated response by the police.
    In my message, I pointed out the wrongful response by the police and provided links to the new police and CPS guidance and also the BN ‘Policing Nudity’ article page. I also highlighted that this was the result of many years of campaigning by NAG and later BN.
    I received an email from the chief editor, informing me that a decision had been made to remove the article from the website.

    • Well done Phillip. Too often people just let things go by.

  • My appreciation to all for the huge progress in naturism being more widely accepted. One question…”…To date we have checked out 27 locations, most of which are so heavily used by the public that at those particular locations naturism would not be sensible. …”

    Surely if the police now have better guidelines then places like Hyde Park would be OK ? Or is it a case of ‘Slowly, slowly, catchee…’ ?

    • Thanks London Man. If you can help with the NAG work in London please contact me!

      Regarding Hyde Park there is the need to check the Royal Parks bylaws. It could be possible for something in them to be used by the police to justify taking action against naturists. We always suggest that naturists act responsibly and not in an exhibitionistic way. If anyone has recent naturist experience in Hyde Park – presumably not in the pop concert events area – please let us know.

  • Regarding public places. I think we as naturists should be sensible and have a degree of respect.

    There are places that lend themselves to be beneficial to naturism, such as beaches, woodland areas, open countryside, remote country lanes, lakes, ponds and rivers, etc. but I don’t think city centres or heavily populated public areas are the place. If though the area is large enough that people don’t have to be in close proximity unless they choose to be, such as a large park, then that should be fine.

    From some comments I read on ‘Facebook’ and such, I often wonder if the writer is [an] ‘exhibitionist’ rather than naturist (if labels are needed).

    I am happy with the achievements made regarding ‘nudity in public places’ and don’t believe we need to push it too far. This could have a negative effect in my opinion.

    • I totally agree with your comments Phillip. That is why NAG continues to carefully check out possible spaces in London with those factors in mind.

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