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The management of Abbey House Gardens, at Malmesbury in Wiltshire, has decided that Sunday 24 June is a clothing optional day. On past experience there are likely to be hundreds of naturists there, and a naturist ladies’ summer hat day will operate! NAG will be there with our publicity stall and you can say “Hello” to at least one, possibly three, of the small NAG management collective.

We always appreciate meeting NAG supporters and discussing with you YOUR IDEAS for further NAG campaigning. All you have to do is come into AHG, normal entrance conditions apply as per the Abbey House Gardens website, and head for the NAG stall in the conservatory. We can all enjoy the beautiful gardens, together in the sunshine.

We try to arrange a few occasions each year when NAG supporters can meet and talk with us, the previous one was the 25 March naturist Pub Day in London. If you have a suggestion of a suitable venue, event, or date for another chance to meet with NAG management volunteers please let us know!


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