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Abbey House Gardens Update

Hundreds of naturists flocked to Abbey House Gardens on Sunday 24 June to enjoy the sun. Dozens of NAG supporters met with John Paine and Peter Knight, two members of NAG’s small managing collective. Rufus Pollard, son of ‘naked gardener’ Ian, now runs the beautiful listed building and its extensive gardens for the family. The ‘clothes optional days’ are a big financial success which Rufus will continue to run whilst they seek a sensitive buyer for the site.

“It is an important listed building and my father’s work in creating the garden masterpiece needs to be protected” said Rufus. “We are only prepared to talk to any potential buyer who understands that the whole site needs to be kept in its present form.”

Ian still lives on site, with nursing support since his stroke. He is often in the garden in his wheelchair and lucky naturists can sometimes speak with him. The remaining 2018 Sunday ‘clothes optional days’ are 22 July, 19 August, 16 September. Details can be found on


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