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NAG London activities on Saturday 2 June

NAG London activities

Saturday 2 June 2018

You and your friends may like to be involved in any of the following activities taking place in north London on Saturday 2 June. Weather may cause times to change so please ring me on the day 0770 876 3093 if you plan to join us.

A. Meet and socialise with NAG London Group
2.00pm at the Kenwood House café outdoor tables

Access is off Hampstead Lane, and you can meet members of NAG management collective, Carlie and members of the NAG Hampstead Heath Sub-committee, also John Paine and members of the NAG London Group.

B. Picnic on Hampstead Heath
3.00pm after meeting at Kenwood House

Bring your own picnic items and drink. We will walk down to a nearby picnic site from Kenwood House café. If the weather is not good we will find an indoor alternative.

C. NAG London Group activities planning
5.30pm at a flat in Belsize Park

As a precaution against inclement weather an indoor meeting is planned. People who attend the Hampstead Heath Picnic can travel to the meeting location from 5.00pm if they wish to participate.

Matters to be discussed include:
– an update on the NAG Hampstead Heath campaign, and next steps

– NAG 4-day visit to Paris (planned for 25 August 2018)

– updates on work for other NAG projects in London

– holding another NAG pub day in Holborn in October 2018

NAG Supporters attending the 5.30pm meeting will need to bring a towel to sit on. Please note that space will limit the numbers so advance booking is essential. Details of venue will be given to those who book.

Any NAG Supporter who would like more details on any of the above will need to contact me tel: 01865 513103 or

John Paine   NAG London co-ordinator

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