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The Digital Economy and Naturism

For someone of my generation or older, the digital economy is a mystery with countless purchases being made online, around the world, every hour let alone day. Yet, it is the times we live in and all of us must learn to adapt.

The advancement of technology is so fast, Governments are always playing ‘catch up’ when it comes to legislation designed to place limits or safeguards on the digital economy, so it should be no surprise that the UK Government has already replaced the Act it introduced in 2010 with The Digital Economy Act 2017. This latest version introduces methods to ensure that minors (those under 18) cannot access pornographic material, among other things.

From the outset, naturism has been greatly affected by online pornography, with naturists reluctant to share images, either still or moving, of themselves and others enjoying the simple delights of non-sexual social nudity, fearful that they would end up on a porn website for the purpose of sexual arousal. The truth is, so many images are uploaded to the internet, the chances that a pornographer will find your picture or video are slim, but we cannot deny, it does happen. Yet, research carried out by NAG has found that pornography has abused the naturist lifestyle from much earlier on in history. We discovered a porn film from the 1930s titled Nudist Barsupposedly set in France. It’s short, less than six minutes, but it gives the consumer from whatever age the impression that because naturists are nude together, we are

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  • On the other side of the coin, I belong to a Facebook group of skinny dippers, which is a ‘closed’ group, where you have to be accepted to join and moderated by its creators. The members share their experiences and recent dips, often accompanied by a photo or video. Recently, a member posted a video of himself having a dip. This was not explicit in any way and only viewable by members of the group. The video was removed by Facebook due to it containing nudity! It is a ‘Skinny dipping’ group! Surely nudity is part of skinny dipping, or am I missing something? There appears to be no way of contacting Facebook directly to raise concerns.

    • I’m afraid you are. Facebook’s terms and conditions prohibit images – moving or still – of nude persons on their pages, in the belief that it will authomatically offend others. That’s why some, before they post pictures, cover the offending “bits”. Daft I know, when as you say the page belongs to a skinny dipping group, and a closed group at that, but Facebook’s algorithms don’t see it that way. In fact they don’t see at all. So while technology like the internet and social media is a boom to groups like ours in campaigning for change, there can also be a downside, as previously noted.

  • In my twitter sccount I do what I can to normalise naturism by posting photos of me doing everyday tasks and hobbies naked eg walking in the countryside and beach, gardening and relaxing at home. I make it clear that pornographers will be blocked from following me or viewing my tweets.

    I also do media interviews to debunk myths around naturism and am doing one with Radio Scotland tomorrow where I plan to talk about the benefits of naturism for well being and body confidence. We can win the publicity battle in the digital age but need to be willing to speak out.

    • Totally agree, but as they say, ‘many hands make light work’ and with the Internet being borderless, an international dimension is necessary. I saw the tweet about your stint on BBC Radio Scotland earlier. For anyone else interested, Juliette will be on the wireless between 10:30 and 11:00 AM GMT and, from the UK, no doubt you can listen via the BBC iPlayer Radio outside Scotland. Sorry, can’t say if you’ll be able to listen to Juliette from elsewhere in the world.

      Good luck Juliette. I won’t be able to listen live unfortunately, but I’ll try and pick up your interview later.

  • The pornographers, and those using porn, don’t let up in using “naturism” as a cover for sexual activity. So naturists must not let up letting the Authorities and the public know the difference, and putting clear blue water between pornographers and genuine naturists. We must use all opportunities to get our message across and to counter the nefarious use of the term Naturism to try to legitimise things which definitely are not naturism

  • In East Sussex we are trying to do our bit to normalise naturism. Yesterday we held a naked lunch at a restaurant and the owner has asked us to (go) back. A friend and I have given two public talks on naturism this year and will be doing a clothes optional version in Brighton in a few days time.

    Last year, a number of us completed an online questionnaire about the use of footpaths and forests in East Sussex for the County Council and let them know about our naturist hikes. I was invited to go to a follow up meeting, but unfortunately was unable to go.

    Whilst some businesses/organisations reject our requests or just ignore contact, often we find a positive response. So its just a matter of plucking up the courage to ask.

    We have been doing naked yoga since last July and we are currently organising an evening visit to a well known Sussex art gallery for August. We are also supporting a venue in Washington, Sussex called Mark & Karen’s retreat now that a couple of sun clubs in the area have closed.

    I would encourage people to organise events as the hardest part is getting people to turn out! Saying that, we had 21 naturists at our lunch.

    On social media, one of our members has come across a site which claims to protect our privacy and does not have a no nudity policy should you need to post photographs.

    This post has been lightly edited — Reg

    • Well done! What a pity someone couldn’t attend the council’s meeting about footpath use in your stead? Being part of an active group might have helped there.

      Plus thanks for drawing our attention to Another alternative to Facebook, Twitter, etc. is Naktiv, which can found at:

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