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Non-naturist wives for Paris?

Non-naturist wives to visit PARIS ?

We have had an enquiry from a London naturist who does not want to leave his non-naturist wife in the UK during the planned NAG visit to Paris on Saturday 25 August Bank Holiday week-end. Quite naturally, he feels that it would be unfair to her for him to go without her. Are there any other non-naturist wives who might like to make the trip – and do Paris tourist things whilst their partner is enjoying the Bois de Vincennes?

Non-naturists would not be excluded from visiting the woods – and would not be forced to undress. However, alternative activities in Paris could be possible for two or three women together. I welcome comments from naturists who face a similar dilemma.

American guy needs London accommodation

Bill Browser, a retired engineer from Cincinnati, would like to spend a couple of days in London prior to going to Paris with us. After the NAG Paris trip he would fly back to the US. Would any naturist consider putting Bill up for a couple of days? You do not have to also join us for the Paris visit, unless that is already in your plans!

For more about these two Paris-related queries, or the Paris trip generally, please contact me through the NAG website or ring me on 01865 513103 or email me at

John Paine NAG Paris co-ordinator

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