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Naturist Lunch & Pub Day

All naturists are invited to act fast and book a ticket for this NAG social event at the Blue Lion Inn at Gray’s Inn Road, London. Be naturist all day, meet female and male naturist colleagues, have a good meal (only £20) and a happy time get together. See flyer.

Places are limited so advance booking with cheque payment and s.a.e. is essential. Details of the day, menu and to pre-book, contact the organiser Michael Gill by email: or by phone: 07712 651005

The s.a.e. is essential for you to receive your ticket. It would help Michael to also have your email, so that he can contact you in case of queries.

John Paine
NAG London co-ordinator

10 Responses to Naturist Lunch & Pub Day

  • When is it?

    • Sorry, my fault. That information was included in a flyer which John had given me but forgot to attach it. Attached now. A direct reply to your question Andrew is 25th March.

  • This is a rather convoluted way to handle bookings. It would be good
    to improve it for any future similar ventures.

    1) How does one send a cheque and sae by e-mail?

    2) There are alternatives which do not depend upon being
    registered to accept card payments.

    3) Funds can be transferred simply by knowing the sort-code and
    account number of the recipient’s bank account.

    4) Tickets can be sent by e-mail for the participant to print.

    Congratulations to those who took the initiative to set up this
    event. Greater acceptance of “normal” activities (like going to
    a public house) being undertaken naked would be of benefit
    to society generally – and this is a step on the way.

    Personally, I will not be attending as I shall be some three
    thousand miles away in a jurisdiction where public nudity
    is included in the national constitution of December 1978.

    • Thanks Alan. I’ll pass on your comment to the organisers to see if they can provide answers for anyone who do want to attend, although I’m sure you’d be welcome if you change your mind. 3K miles, not far! (lol)

    • Following on from you comment Alan, I am told anyone who is interested can contact the organiser either by phone or email for his home address to send the cheque and self-addressed envelope.

  • AlanR555 wrote: “I shall be some three thousand miles away in a jurisdiction where public nudity is included in the national constitution of December 1978.”

    Can you tell us which country that is please? I’d like to look up how that constitutional point is worded.

  • This seems like a great way to celebrate a birthday and meet old and new friends in a clothes-free environment. Perhaps more of us should look at celebrating birthdays, meeting local nudists/naturists etc etc in an equally naked style, it might open up venue owners eyes to the potential of nude social events.

    Though the method of payment offered rules out those of us who don’t have a cheque book. We haven’t had one for some years now.

    • Again NudeNik, I suggest you (or anyone else) contact the organiser to find out if alternative payment arrangements can be made.

  • Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend, but regarding tickets and payment, wouldn’t it be much easier to use the email provided, Create a ‘paypal’ account and send an image of the ticket, which could be either printed out or the image shown upon arrival on a mobile device (phone/tablet) Much easier than messing about with cheques and postage. Just a thought.

  • Direct contact makes sense Reg.

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