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Curiosity kills the cat

If you follow us on Facebook you would have seen us share a Bare Thoughts article written by Santana. Her best friend, Mandy, made it obvious that she was curious about naturism and eventually suggested they spend a day together on the naturist beach at Flevonatuur.

Unfortunately, as much as Mandy enjoyed herself, she admitted it was probably the one and only time she will be naked in a public place. Swimwear, clothes in general in fact, proved too much of a draw for Mandy to become a fully-fledged naturist. Never mind, naturism isn’t for everyone but, having experienced it, at least Mandy will be able to put our point of view over to other non-naturists when an opportunity or need arose.

It got us thinking though and wondered; what makes people curious about naturism in the first place and what makes them stay? With the help of survey tools in Google Forms we have created a very brief survey (just 2 multiple choice questions) and invite you to participate. It is voluntary and being self-selected it’s hardly scientific but nevertheless, the results should be interesting. The survey will be open until 16th February and we’ll let you know the result.

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