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Curiosity kills the cat

If you follow us on Facebook you would have seen us share a Bare Thoughts article written by Santana. Her best friend, Mandy, made it obvious that she was curious about naturism and eventually suggested they spend a day together on the naturist beach at Flevonatuur.

Unfortunately, as much as Mandy enjoyed herself, she admitted it was probably the one and only time she will be naked in a public place. Swimwear, clothes in general in fact, proved too much of a draw for Mandy to become a fully-fledged naturist. Never mind, naturism isn’t for everyone but, having experienced it, at least Mandy will be able to put our point of view over to other non-naturists when an opportunity or need arose.

It got us thinking though and wondered; what makes people curious about naturism in the first place and what makes them stay? With the help of survey tools in Google Forms we have created a very brief survey (just 2 multiple choice questions) and invite you to participate. It is voluntary and being self-selected it’s hardly scientific but nevertheless, the results should be interesting. The survey will be open until 16th February and we’ll let you know the result.

5 Responses to Curiosity kills the cat

  • The first question in the survey doesn’t cover enough reasons. None on the list particularly apply to me.

    My first experience of ‘naturism’, though it didn’t occur to me at the time, was a skinny dip with some friends in a sand quarry when I was a teenager. I felt the warmth of the sun on my naked body and also the feel of the water unencumbered by swimwear. I discoverered later, I was/am a naturist!

    • Thanks Phil. True. Your skinny dip introduction has been duly noted however and will be taken into account when the results are counted, as will be any other skinny dip intros we are told about.

  • Agree with FlipG, maybe an option for ‘Other’ should be added with a text input box for reason.

    I just liked being naked, and as a teen wouldn’t get dressed when I knew I had the house to myself, even venturing out into the garden to wander around and enjoy the sun, even though I stayed in a housing estate and had overlooking properties. I knew the neighbours and that the majority would be out at work.

    • To by honest Andy, I was trying to keep this as simple as possible, but I admit, missing out on skinny dipping as an introduction is poor.

      Although your suggestion is welcome, adding it now would deny the 19 people who have already responded a chance to expand on a situation that perhaps wasn’t as simple as the multi choice answers provided may suggest. Still, this is a learning curve for your’s truly and will bare it in mind for future surveys.

  • Ever since earliest childhood I have had an intense sensual pleasure in being naked, although my family was prudish. When my mother told me there were such places as “Nudist camps” I was entranced.

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