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News From NAG – Dec 2017

Something different this month; a lighthearted quiz about the history of naturism. No prizes, just bragging rights and people calling you a “smart arse” behind your back.

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  1. Spielplatz is one of the oldest clubs in UK, what is the literal translation from the German? (a) Sacred Ground; (b) Playground; (c) Sunbathing Ground
  2. British Naturism (originally called Central Council for British Naturism (CCBN)) was formed in 1964 when British Sun Bathing Association merged with which other organisation? (a) Federation of British Sun Club; (b) Association of British Naturist Clubs; (c) National Sun and Air Association
  3. In what year did the magazine Health & Efficiency first appear? (a) 1890 (b) 1920 (c) 1900
  4. I was born in 1856, in Ireland. A supporter of the Labour Party; I wrote the story that became My Fair Lady. And wrote in support of Sun Bathing Review. Who am I? (a) George Bernard Shaw; (b) Dorothy L Sayers; (c) Leslie Charteris
  5. In the summer of 1930 there were riots against nude male and female sunbathers. Where was this? (a) Brighton; (b) Welsh Harp Reservoir; (c) Hampstead Heath
  6. After the above, who wrote: ‘The people who made such a fuss at __ simply detest the spectacle of bodies of any kind, beautiful or ugly.’ (a) George Elliot; (b) Agatha Christie; (c) Winston Churchill
  7. Written in 1931 and subtitled ‘An unplayable play’ what is the name of a play that features a modest Englishman meeting his German fiancee’s family for the first time? (a) Barely Proper; (b) Barely Decent; (c) Nude in the Dark
  8. Apart from Spielplatz, Bricket Wood in Hertfordshire once contained Sun-Folk Association, Five Acres and one other sun club in close proximity to one another, can you name the missing club? (a) Sun Chasers Club; (b) Moonella Club; (c) Gardenia
  9. A bit more up-to-date this one. What was possibly unique about the re-election of Sieglinde Ivo as INF President in July 2017? (a) all her opponents were female; (b) no one could vote against Ivo as President, only for or abstain; (c) Sieglinde Ivo came second, the actual winner declined the post immediately after the election
  10. Considered to be the pioneer of modern naturism, Richard Ungewitter wrote: ‘Nakedness’ explaining his philosophy of social nudity. In what year did he publish it? (a) 1905; (b) 1930; (c) 1880

Not that you’ll cheat or anything, but we’ll publish the answers on Boxing Day.

George Bernard Shaw


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