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Bois de Vincennes Visit

Here is a short video about the last days of this summer at the new naturist zone at Bois de Vincennes, Paris; the interviews are conducted in French, but we feel that you’ll still enjoy it.

Love the naked line dancing. I still have two left feet, though.

Some NAG supporters are going to Paris in 2018, to show their support and find out if they can utilise the tactics used in our campaign to have open space naturism on Hampstead Heath recognised. (Other large open spaces in London could follow.) They are currently looking at either mid-May or the August bank holiday and we would like to invite anyone interested to join them. Naturally, we thought the estimated 270,000 French nationals living in South-East England may also be interested. We are only asking for expressions of interest at this stage but anyone considering this should be prepared to pay their own way. Please email John Paine or alternatively use our contact form to let us know. In either case, please use the subject line ‘Paris Visit’.

Please share on social media, especially to our French brethren.

Bois de Vincennes

Naturism is a lifestyle that improves our well-being, both psychological and physical. Naturist Action Group (NAG) advocates the acceptance of the lifestyle by UK society. If you would like to support NAG in its work then don’t forget to click on the donate button at the top of this page or talk to our treasurer about setting up a standing order for a regular donation. £2.50 – less than the price of a cup of coffee – per month could lead to some great things being done.


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