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Motion to leave INF defeated

British Naturism is staying in the INF after an AGM motion’s defeat, hoping to effect change from the inside.

In a vote, taken on 8 October 2017, 91 BN members voted for a motion to leave the international organisation compared with the 253 members who followed the EC’s recommendation and voted to stay. Before the AGM, BN released figures that showed the membership stood at 8,351; in total 344 members voted or just four (4) per cent of the membership.

The motion was brought forward by Duncan Heenan, a past Treasurer to BN, who told those in attendance: ‘BN became a member of [the] INF because of a worthwhile vision, 64 years ago. That vision has long been lost within a self-seeking and self-perpetuating bureaucracy. In practice INF achieves nothing for naturism, and yet costs a lot to do so. Despite BN’s best efforts, this has not changed for decades.’ In 2011, Heenan brought a similar motion to the AGM. He continued: ‘The vote was to stay, and all the arguments for doing so amounted to giving INF another chance to reform. Here we are, six years later, considering the same thing. INF has not changed, INF does not get the message, and yet the EC are still asking for yet another chance for some miracle to come along. I say that INF has had too many chances already, and to give it more chances merely helps it [to convince itself that change is unnecessary].’

Naturally, NAG has no problem BN’s vote to stay, but perhaps they can explain a couple of things for the benefit of its members:

With the promotion of Nick Caunt to BN President and with no replacement for his former role of International Director, how will change in the INF be brought about?

What changes to the INF does BN want to make?

How many years will BN give to achieve this goal?

We are certain that Sieglinde Ivo will reward BN for its loyalty — then again perhaps not.

6 Responses to Motion to leave INF defeated

  • In my opinion, not currently a BN member, I do not find this decision surprising. There is, and for a long time there has been very little will to do anything of consequence that affects naturism or nudity outside of closed events.

    I find it extremely sad that such a small percentage of the membership is actually engaged in decisions such as this.

    While I was a member BN spent too much time throttling free speech on the [closed] forum and too little time actively promoting naturism in the great outdoors.

    Naturally, since I am not a member at present I won’t be aware of all the stuff they are doing. And that’s the point. If I’m not aware then neither will Mr. Average Citizen.

    BN, you need to up your game and get out there in full public view.

    • Cannot disagree with anything you’ve said Richard. A lack of engagement by BN’s members leads the entire organisation to be in a vicious circle, which is hard to imagine them getting out of. As a non-member myself, it would be wrong of me to go any further than that.

  • As a former member of BN for 7 years [this is my second year of not choosing to rejoin], I fully concur with the views of Richard W. A naturist family; we did not feel appropriately represented by BN, not to mention other issues personally encountered [of which I have no intention of discussing in an open forum]. In order for me to want to join BN again, the organisation has much to change.

    • Again, cannot disagree with what has been written here but this was not really about BN. While the number of members engaged with the democratic process within BN is disappointing, they have followed the rules. (Unless anyone knows different?) Duncan believes the decision by the EC to back continued membership of the INF swayed those members who follow the EC recommendations no matter what, and who believe they have participated in the democratic process by voting without forethought. As we saw, most don’t even both to vote. Unless the issues are properly debated how can anyone come to an independent, informed decision. While NAG was not completely neutral, we did try to tell people what was going on in the INF; the gerrymandering of elections, and the need for change in the international naturist organisation. We had hoped BN would follow through with the implied threat in its letter of complaint to INF and indicate their desire to resign before bring their own motion to the AGM. As we now know, Duncan Heenan had to do it instead.

  • Just wanted to say “people” from Australia are reading this forum.

    That being said – may I comment that the problem seems truly International. However if change is to EVER happen – it must come from inside the {any organisation. Thus > “Keep on – keeping on”…!!

    Why..? Because one day the auld guard will be wither dead, demented or decrepit. And those with zeal and vision need to be in a position to replace them.

    By the way – are there ANY volunteers, anywhere, under the age of 45 these days..?

    • Welcome Kerry. We aim to continue to watch what goes on in the INF and speak out if we believe its in the best interests of naturism as a whole. So, we will keep on keeping on about the stuff we think is wrong. Another words nag, nag, nag, nag. (pun intended). I cannot disagree with you though, change is most likely to come from within the INF but if the vote for British Naturism continued membership went the other way, it would have been a powerful message to Sieglinde Ive and co that the time for change was now. You’re right though, the old guard will fall sooner or later. We just want it to be sooner.

      I don’t know, are there any volunteers, anywhere in the world, under 45? There is Felicity Jones (Ex-Young Naturists America) and her partner, Jordon, but that’s all I can think of off the top of my head. So I put it to you, the readers; are there?

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