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News From NAG – July 2017

Casual Naturism Project
When the weather allows, many of us enjoy wild naturism in lots places around the UK. In recent months, the discussion in H&E Naturist suggests that for some, this option gives more freedom that the perceived restrictions of clubs. As naturists, we know that in only a few extreme cases does responsible public nakedness causes offence but sadly, that can still land the naturist facing legal action.

We, Naturist Action Group, have the Casual Naturism Project, to collect evidence to disprove the claims and if you live in the UK then we are looking for your help. The project aims to create a database from lots of individual accounts of your encounters with non-naturists as you enjoy the great outdoors. Perhaps you’re planning something for Be Naked Day (Saturday 5 Aug)!

Early returns have indicated that few people are offended by public nudity, but the more entries we have on the database, the greater the certainty we will have that offending non-naturists is the least of our worries.

So the next time you visit a beach, go for a walk or sunbath in a large open space (e.g. Hampstead Heath) then please tell us about it by visiting our website and looking up Log Report – Open Space under the Contact tab. Please remember, we only required details of your encounters with non-naturists if they happen in the UK. You will need to log in/register as a user to complete the report but this is a simple and quick process, and it will cost £0.00. By-all-means pass on details of the Casual Naturism Project to other UK naturists.

Bella Hadid copyright: Sophia Richie

Nearly Nude?
As much as naturism is about being able to express ourselves without clothes, there are times when we just have to cover our bodies in a garment or two. When it’s too cold for instance, or too hot in the sun, or when being nude is an impossibility. So it’s a little remarkable that the textile world would try to emulate naturists, well nearly without going the whole way. It was reported that US fashion model, Bella Hadid was seen on the red carpet in Cannes in a dress that hid very little. Apparently, Hadid contributed to the design by Ralph and Russo, who like to dress ‘empowered women’. With material so sheer, what is the point of being nearly nude, with the garment superfluous to whatever needs the wearer has. The only purpose that springs to mind is to titillate and for publicity, in which case Bella Hadid succeeded.

Semi-Nude Royal
In a move considered unusual for the British Royal family, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have asked a French court to award them €1.5 million (£1.3 million) in compensation for invasion of privacy. They were staying at a villa owned by Viscount Lindley, a nephew of the Queen, in 2012 and believed they were alone when they sunbathed on a terrace. Only they weren’t, as the French-owned gossip magazine Closer published pictures of a topless Catherine, much to the distress of her husband, Prince William, recalling the circumstances of how his late mother, Diane Princess of Wales was hounded by press photographers in the moments before she died.

NAG does not condone any invasion of privacy, but Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge was not doing anything that countless millions of other women haven’t done before, so fail to see why these photos were newsworthiness even if she is a royal. The Duke and Duchess should be allowed to behave like any other family in the 21st Century, including being allowed to sunbath topless, or if they want to, nude, and not have it given a double page spread. Yes, the UK Royal family has privileges that many of don’t but they also pay a price for those privileges in being

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