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A Tale of Three Cities

We are posting this on behalf of George Davis, and is of particular interest to our friends from the United States, as he compares San Francisco with London and New York.

A Tale of Three Cities
by George Davis

(George Davis is the author of two books: Naked Yoga, and Weapons of Mass Deception. He is co-editor of Free Your Body; Free Your Mind. As a body-freedom activist, he has been arrested more than twenty times, including an arrest for making a public speech on the Capitol Mall in Washington, DC.)

Author’s foreword:
Do you remember George Carlin’s “7 Dirty Words” that you can’t broadcast or publish? That was 40 years ago… but the ban on such words still exists. And word-censorship is not the only in-your-face censorship that is going on.

If you are curious about the real purposes of routine media censorship — the kind that occurs in plain sight in mainstream newspapers and public TV broadcasts, converting words like ‘fuck’, ‘shit’, ‘cunt’, and ‘nigger’ into ridiculous gobbledegook like ‘f**k’, ‘s**t’, ‘c**t’, and ‘the n-word’ — then this tale is for you. If you wonder why Facebook and other social media will not allow you to post pictures showing female breasts, or images of your clothes-free vacation, or of the Australian Nude Beach Olympics, then this tale is for you. If you suspect that somehow this censorship is designed to make you stupid, socially controlled, and unable to perceive the world realistically, then this tale is for you.

On the other hand, if you feel that this this kind of censorship is a step in the right direction for human society, then this tale is probably not for you. If you think that social media are doing you and society a great service by censoring harmless images, and if you feel that our ability to deal with life and with the world is improved by mystifying and tabooing the human body, then this tale is not for you. You should do a mental delete, skip this tale, and move on to another diversion.

My tale is about the growth and social/cultural ramifications of the Body Freedom Movement in the three leading cultural centers in the world: London, New York City, and San Francisco. What is ‘body freedom’? It is the concept that your body and all of your body parts, including penises, pussies, and breasts, are normal and natural. You would think that this concept would be uncontroversial, since most people agree with it. Yet, the Body Freedom Movement is currently the Rodney Dangerfield of political movements. It gets “no respect.”

Aside from being a writer, as a Body Freedom activist, I will ask you to re-transmit this document by May 18, 2017 to anyone you know who has any political, cultural, or artistic leanings via email, your social media, or blogs. If enough people know this story, a potentially revolutionary (or more accurately re-evolutionary) game-changing court decision will occur.

The tale itself
Once upon a time, on an ordinary planet like trillions of others in a universe suitable for carbon-based life forms, there dwelt a dominant species, Homo sapiens (Latin for ‘wise ape’). The species’ control of the planet’s resources derived from its large brain which was capable of developing language, tools, fire usage, agriculture, and social organization. Homo sapiens’ undisputed mastery of Earth has only existed for 5,000 years, a sliver in time compared to a universe that has already existed for 14 billion years.

Let’s fast forward and snapshot the year 2017. Looking at Earth from space you might never guess that its land areas are divided up by Homo sapiens into nation-states whose boundaries are set by oceans, rivers, longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates, and most importantly by accidents of history — wars, colonial settlements, dynastic marriages, and the like. Almost every individual Homo sapiens has a nationality. Over the past few centuries global wars have been fought between nations — wars like the Seven Years’ War, the Crimean War, and World Wars I and II. In 2017 and recent decades, there have been no national wars between states. However, in recent years, there has been a nationalist resurgence characterized by groups and events like America First, UK Brexit, Russian annexations in the Ukraine, and “strongman” regimes in several nation-states.

Homo sapiens divides itself into

10 Responses to A Tale of Three Cities

  • Great article but the wordpress link didn’t seem to be correct

    • Thanks for telling us. Can you message me with a bit more information about what happened when you tried to use the link for this article?

  • I just tried it and it led to a post dated 2 Feb 2010 (on a different subject), with no indication that there is anything more recent to be found.

  • There’s something very odd going on. I just tried it again, and this time it sent me to a post dated 6 Nov 2011, on another different subject!

  • I’ve identified the difference between those two attempts. The first time I clicked on the link, but the second I copy/pasted it, and the URLs are different. One starts with a letter “a” but the other doesn’t, so they’re different blogs, and neither is the right one. Should the right one include hyphens, as in the link to this page, I wonder? (no, just tried it – hyphens aren’t allowed by WordPress)

    • Thanks. That’s saved me a job. I don’t know the cause of this technical issue as I don’t have the proper knowledge. But I know a man who has and I’ll pass on the information. Hopefully this is a one off.

  • Posted to my rarely used Facebook account, on which all my details are false.

  • The error has now been corrected. Thank you to those who mentioned it otherwise it would have gone unnoticed.

  • The author may have a point regarding the unnecessary restrictiveness of San Francisco’s ordinance controlling public nudity. But it’s dressed up in so much tedious waffle about Homo Sapiens that it’s hard to imagine anyone new to the topic bothering to wade through all the verbiage.

    And many of his factual statements may be open to question. In seeking to establish London’s openness to public nudity he mentions Vincent Bethell, whose somewhat eccentric lamppost climbing activities did not exactly inspire others to follow his example. If “progress is being made” in pushing for the right to public nudity, where is the evidence for this?

    Even the examples of nude-friendly facilities on private premises are misleading. The nude restaurant (The Bunyadi) was a pop-up establishment open for only two months last summer which, despite the claimed lengthy waiting list, has not, so far as I know, re-opened. Similarly, the nudist rooftop bar was a temporary promotional pop-up, and if Starkers is still operating as a weekly event (anyone know?) it is most certainly not a standard-bearer for non-sexual social nudity. London’s public swimming pools do not run “swim-suit optional hours” (would that they did!), though one or two may hire their pools out for private naturist swims (examples?).

    If George Davis is so sloppy with his statements about London, it does make one wonder about his regard for accuracy more generally. Where, for example, are the full references to the controlled studies of childhood exposure to public nudity that he claims support his position?

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