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Survey into mental health and upbringing (including exposure to nudity)

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  • I would love to participate in the survey but the web address given is not being recognised

    • Hello Mike,
      I have tested the web address and it seems to be working. It should take you to Regent’s University London, if you scroll down you need to give consent then it will take you through to the questionnaire.
      If you continue to have problems please email Dr Marina Rachitskiy on for more assistance.

  • Done that. Some of the questions could be a little better designed (as is usually the case with that sort of box-ticking survey), but I hope it achieves something useful.

    • I agree it is a bit simplistic, but we didn’t design it. It may do some good though

  • what we need to join this project ?

    • Just complete the survey – follow the link

  • Good survey – I wonder when the results will be published

  • Done the survey, but there is no question that takes into account why I go naked. There are times when I feel uncomfortable in clothes due to being on the Autistic spectrum. Is there any research that correlates naturism and Asperger’s Syndrome?

  • Interesting Steve P. I too am autistic/aspie and feel far more comfortable without clothes. Normal body [temperature] is below standard (i.e. 35.6c). In times of extreme stress, and far too hot, I have torn [clothes] off (e.g. hospitals and gowns). They are itchy, constrictive and very intolerable.

    Last time, provision was made [for me] to avoid [wearing a] gown or any clothes. Pointless with kidney stone 1 1/2 hr op.

    Made life easier when consultation after [the operation] with nurses, consultant and two others were watching me pee blood out many hours (8ish) after. Clothes seemed surplus to requirements.

    Comment edited for clarity reasons, Reg

    • Trust the op for the kidney stones went well, NakedPhil?

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