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Silence is Damning

INF again; a little while back we published an open letter to Sieglinde Ivo and as a matter of course, we sent a hardcopy with translations in French and German (as is the custom with INF documents). Naturally, we didn’t think there would be a great deal of correspondence afterwards, an acknowledgement maybe and that would be that. Honour on both sides satisfied.

We are sad to report that our letter has been returned, unopened, acceptance having been refused. Now, to be fair, in hindsight we should have allowed time for the letter to be received by Ivo before making the contents public. Never mind, water under the bridge now. Anyway, we already know Ivo has read the contents, just chosen not to reply directly, which is a shame. In our view, this kind of behaviour is petty beyond belief and shows, yet again, that she is not fit to lead the International Naturist Federation.

For now at least, we think this story has run its course. We’ll be back when the extraordinary/emergency world congress in Vienna occurs, if it occurs.

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