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News From NAG – Mar 2017

Feminism & Naturism
Came across a two-part article from 2012 by CP Reece again recently that looked at feminism and the part it can play in the naturist cause. Or is it the other way around? Anyway, Reece states that naturism is a good thing for feminists, and women generally, because of our desire to respect others for who they are, not for what or their appearance, which is largely true. I say that simply because, if it was why is it there so few women in naturism. Is it because in reality naturism is dominated by men and most women are put off, assuming that naturism is just another way of getting into their knickers? Is British Naturism unique (in a good way) in having two women at the top in both Chairperson (and what’s wrong with chairwoman I ask) and President coming from the distaff side of the human race? Then why haven’t these women championed naturism to their sex more?

Looking at NAG, the management collective is all men and I say that as one of them, and one of my personal goals as far as NAG is concerned is to have an inclusive management collective, but where do I find the women prepared to participate? Perhaps my successor as chairman …woman …person …whatever should be a woman. First though, it would be nice to have some on the Management Collective. Any candidates?

The article is published by the blog, the f-word; contemporary UK feminism, and while part one looks more towards Reece’s own discovery of naturism, part two is more philosophical and marries the two isms together.

The Naked Servant #1 

This will go against the grain of any feminist, but there has been a lot in the news lately about a UK company seeking female cleaners. It has even spread internationally. Nothing unusual in that, you might say but as the Manchester Evening News explains, while these women can earn £45 per hour doing the dusting and hoovering, they do it naked. Naturist Cleaners began in London two years ago and is a service to the naturist community. Prices start at £65 for the first hour and £55 per hour thereafter. Although the article states the cleaners are not obliged to be naked themselves, it warns anyone tempted that their clients may well be as the majority of them are …well naturists.

Go to your local cleaning company though and you are likely to be charged about £25 and £20 for the same terms so you pays your money and takes your choice.

The photographs that accompany the article are of (young) women dusting, presumably naked, with body parts covered by the silliest emoji you’ll ever see.

The Naked Servant #2
Not to be outdone, in the same week that Naturist Cleaners advertised for female staff, the Yorkshire Evening Post told of Yorkshire-based company that is looking for men to butler in the buff. Well, that isn’t strictly true as the “party butlers” will still be required to wear the traditional apron, white collar and cuffs, and of course, black bow tie. I am not sure if this discriminatory or not, but these part-time jobs are offered with an hourly rate of £25 per hour.

So, in theory, you could have an entire household, family and staff, going about their business without clothes. A kind of Downton Abbey in the buff!

…as the ancient Greeks
We are told that ancient Greeks would exercise nude, and why we lost that habit has been covered elsewhere. But the Southern Daily Echo tells us that down in Southampton, personal trainer Helen Smith is trying to revive the practice. It has been designed to fit around popular naturist swimming sessions at Oakland pool.

Smith described her sessions as a ‘gentle boot-camp’ and while the ten participants for the first session were aged between 33 and 70, it is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. She told the Southern Daily Echo: “It’s really useful to be able to see exactly what the instructor is doing; if you’re wearing a baggy t-shirt you can’t always tell what position your body should be in if you’re doing the plank for example.”

Smith believes she is the first trainer to offer a session like this and quoted by the Mirror as saying: “The focus is to allow people to take part in a normal activity, but naked, so people don’t feel they are doing anything unusual.”

Naked cleaners, naked yoga, naked exercise, whatever next?

Boost Confidence, Go Naked.
What the preceding items basically boil down to, is that naked people are fairly confident and comfortable in their own skin. And this is the conclusion of writer Zahra Barnes in an article from 2016 for Self, an online magazine based in the US.

As so often with articles like this one, Barnes explains what naturism isn’t before going on to tell her readers why it is a good thing. Barnes explored how accepting naturism is of people that are different, people of colour for instance, yet naturism in this country is overwhelmingly white. NAG asks are we doing enough to explain to black and Asian people what naturism is? Even if they don’t join us, at least they will have a proper understanding of what naturism is rather than continue with perceptions gained from internet pornographers.

In the end Barnes declined Felicity Jones’ offer (of YNA fame) to join them on the Bodypainting Day, stating that she wasn’t brave enough. This is despite her writing: ‘“Why can’t I just live my life naked?” The thing is, I can. … Nudists and naturists participate in plenty of normal activities like swimming, camping, and karaoke without clothes.’ This leads me to think that Barnes is not totally sincere in her admiration of people living life sans clothes. She could have given it a try, at least. Maybe, what we really need is an outreach programme of our own, rather than relying on journalists to do it for us?

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