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News from NAG – Feb 2017

Correction: Police College
It is strange how memory can be so fickle.

Last November I referred to our success in getting the Police College to include training in the CPS guidance on nudity in public. Shortly afterwards I was hauled up onto the naughty step by the project leader, Duncan Heenan, to explain what did happen.

Reference to the CPS guidance on nudity in public is now made on the police’s national decision-making computer system, therefore making it available to any front line police officer. It is not known if there is a training solution on offer by the College of Policing at this time.

My apologise for unintentionally misleading readers, but still say that such training should be made available and officers encouraged to take it, and perhaps incidents like that encountered by Anne Robinson, also related last month, will be a thing of the past.

Home Naturism for non-naturists
One of the best – and worst – aspects of the Internet is the reappearance of old articles, so nothing is ever forgotten. In 2013, Young Naturists America got a rather knotty problem, which I put to you now, roughly four years later. A non-naturist woman wrote to them explaining that for reasons that she didn’t need to go into, she was living with friends while her youngest son (then aged 12) was living with her sister (she didn’t say where her other, older children were living). The friends lived in a small apartment and are (were) comfortable with casual home nudity, which the writer explained didn’t bother her, even though she preferred wearing clothes herself. Her male friend had children by a previous relationship and when they (and her son) were in the apartment, the policy was that the minimum of clothing at least would be worn. So far, so good.

The friends then decided to buy a large house and invited the writer and her son to move in with them for as long as they needed or wanted. This, the writer said was a very generous offer and one she obviously needed to consider seriously. The problem was that now they were to be a ‘part of the household’ the female friend expected casual nudity would be the norm and the writer to explain ‘things’ to her son. The male friend and the writer thought – as a child would be permanently present – clothes would be the norm. This difference of opinion was put down to a lack of communication and in the end the female friend said she would ‘try to remember’ to put some clothes on when she left the bedroom or bathroom but would not promise in case she ‘forgot’. Now the writer was trying to understand the casual home nudist and the etiquette they applied when non-naturists were in the house.

So here are my questions to you:

Are you a home nudist, if so, what is your household policy if non-naturists come for a visit, however long?

What would be your advice be to this non-naturist considering living as part of a clothes optional household with her son?

Please use the comments section below for your answers.

Save Energy, Go Naked
It’s summer. it’s hot but instead of cranking up the aircon, one-in-ten of us strip off, according to research conducted by British Gas (Sunday Express, 01/08/2016) [2].

The survey asked 2,000 people how they kept cool in summer and rather than the traditional methods of opening windows or closing curtains, some of the respondents said they ran about naked instead. Other solutions offered were turning off the hot water and taking cold showers instead, or having a BBQ in the garden rather than turn on the oven needlessly. Another was to hose down the kids in a paddling pool in the garden before bedtime instead of giving them the traditional bath.

OK, there aren’t many UK residential properties with air conditioning, but by using different methods to keep cool during a summer heatwave, we Brits can save up to an even cooler £780 per year. It isn’t just about saving money, of course. By generating and using less energy means we are pumping less CO2 into the atmosphere, one of the main contributors towards climate change.

Sushil Umrao, one of BG’s Smart Energy Experts told the Sunday Express that: ‘Summer is the perfect time of year for people to ‘power down’ and save on energy bills’ and ‘let nature do some of the work like drying the washing.’

Or like saving on having to wash your clothes in the first place by not wearing them.

Beyond Naked 

When nude cyclists started to invade Seattle’s Solstice Parade in 1991, the city had a choice to make: to accept them as an extreme form of self expression or to get the police to crack down hard.

Beyond Naked is a documentary following four first-timers on the ride, exploring our fears and awkward fascination for the naked body. This winner of Seattle’s True Independent Film Festival in 2013 is available for rent (US$4.99) or to buy (US$7.99) as a downstream through Vimeo.

The Art in Protest
When professional photographer Trina Cary posted a nude picture of herself to Facebook, the last thing she thought would happen was being banned from the social media site for five days.

The portrait showed Cary covering her breasts with her hands and a thorn bush hiding her genitals got the photographer banned for posting ‘inappropriate content’. Yet, Cosmopolitan quoted Cary as saying that far more explicit content went unreported and not sure why she was being targeted.

Inspired, Cary sent out a call for models on Facebook and invited three to join her for a project where they would be photographed nude but for censor tape covering their breasts and pubic areas. 32 women turned up.

The women’s magazine quoted one participant as saying, ‘This weekend I got to be part of a pretty incredible project. We as women are so frequently told our bodies are dirty, or need to be hidden, or that there is something wrong if we don’t meet certain standards. This is about owning and loving ourselves. And about not being complacent when people want to censor us.’

The entire photoshoot can be seen on Trina Cary’s website.

Nude and Famous?
Blogger Jillian Page pondered on being a famous naturist by imagining the US President and First Lady as practicing naturists. As the president and his wife strolled naked along the shoreline, they would be followed by his Secret Service bodyguard of course, but they would be outnumbered by a gaggle of paparazzi snapping away like mad.

Page’s thoughts were generated by an article picked up by Esquire about Heidi Klum, who explained that her parents took her to public nudist beaches as a child. She would like to take her children to such places but the paparazzi would make such visits impossible.

Shame. Shame that Klum (pictured above) cannot still enjoy as an adult something she enjoyed as a child. Shame that her own children cannot find that same joy. Just to feed somebody’s pathetic need for gossip.

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