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INF: gets very messy

You will have seen from our earlier post that a ‘civil war’ has broken out among INF leaders over the disputed election which ousted Sieglinde Ivo as President. They have decided to hold the vote again, not by the cheap, quick and easy option of asking everyone to cast their votes by email, but by insisting that Council members come from all over the world to Vienna, some time before July, to cast votes in person. This was bad enough, but the infighting continues, where everyone’s recollection of what happened differs, and have different views on what the INF’s rules say anyway. It looks as if (Ex-) President Ivo, and her Vice President Jean Peters are becoming isolated from the rest of the INF Council, but they are just not taking the hint and doing the honourable thing. So the war of words continues, INF goes nowhere, more money gets wasted, and naturism as a whole suffers.

Rather than relate the entire farce blow-by-blow, we attach copies of letters that have come into our possession from President-elect Jamier to President (Legal Council) Begeot, the letters of complaint from SANNA and NZNF and INF’s reply from Vice-President Peters, and Vice-President Peters to President-elect Jamier. We shall let you draw your own conclusions.

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