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INF: another fine mess

The latest document released by the INF following the World Congress last year has made available. Somewhat in the reverse order of the stuff published previously, INF has now released the minutes of the Central Council meeting 15th November 2016 in New Zealand.

Despite the fact that the minutes are written by Jean Peters (who you would think, would clean them up as much as possible to make him and Sieglinde look good), the arrogance of the EC is obvious. They repeatedly blame the federations for the problems of the INF. You can also read between the lines and see the frustration of the two CC members (Kay and Huub) who are not part of the EC. Almost every suggestion or question they ask is dismissed. I have said in the past that the INF seems to have developed an existence of its own separate from the Federations which own it, and this is proof that the process is well advanced and wholly destructive of any useful purpose INF may have regarding wider naturism. Note the comments about dropping numbers. Does it sound familiar? Do the excuses that it is other factors, ‘not our fault’ sound familiar too. And yet, these are the people who claim to speak for naturism on the world stage.

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