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The following letter has recently appeared in The Times. The Times seems sympathetic to naturism, perhaps other papers would be too if they heard from you. Why not write to either the national or local oppress when a topic comes up which could have a naturist aspect? After all, unless we let the world know that naturists have views, we can expect to be ignored, and it will be our own fault.

The Editor, ‘Letters’, The Times

Dear Sir,

Wild Swimming

Edward Lucas is right about the joys of unregulated swimming in natural places (Times 26.12.16), but what he does not add is that this pleasure is much greater if the swimming costume is left at home. The widespread, but wrong, presumption nowadays that you have to wear a costume to swim, removes a vital connection with the natural environment which is fundamental to its freedom and full enjoyment.

Duncan Heenan
Naturist Action Group


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