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International Naturist Federation in a mess – still!

NAG is not an affiliate of International Naturist Federation, but takes an interest in its happenings. On the whole we have found them to be inactive and complacent as regards their brief to defend and promote naturism internationally. However, there was an interesting development in November, when at INF’s biannual World Congress the President  Sigliende Ivo was voted out of office, and replaced by Armand Jamier.

It was an interesting and encouraging turn of events. I was glad Sigliende Ivo had been replaced as President, as under her ‘leadership’ (and those before her) INF was going nowhere. We obviously have to wait and see what changes Armand Jamier might make, but he looks a bit more progressive than previous regimes. I hoped that this was the long awaited awakening of INF.

However, within a couple of weeks there was bad news from INF. As reported above, Sigliende Ivo was voted out as INF President at their World Congress in November 2016 in New Zealand. A lot of people, me included, were encouraged as this signalled a possible change from the complacent ‘do nothing’ policies she had stultified INF with for years. However, instead of seeing the writing on the wall, and accepting that she was unpopular because INF was achieving nothing under her leadership, she decided to appeal against the vote. Mustering a small group of her friends in INF, she appealed against the vote on procedural grounds, claiming that the process was un

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