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Opposites Attract

Following the recent bans on French coastal resorts of the Burkini, as too Islamic, fellow campaigner Duncan Heenan was moved to defend the right of muslim women to wear the garment in a letter to The Times of London. Duncan’s words echo those of the late Jo Cox MP: let’s concentrate on what unites us, rather than on what divides us.

The Editor, ‘Letters’, The Times

Dear Sir,
Burkini Ban
Burkini wearers find ‘unlikely’ allies in naturists. Though being naked is legal on most UK beaches, it is often treated as if it is not. Though I would never wear a burkini, I defend the right to do so; and I hope wearers would defend the right of others to go naked. We should all be tolerant of each others perceived eccentricities so long as they are harmless, which both burkinis and nudity are.
Duncan Heenan
Director, Naturist Action Group
Isle of Wight

I confirm that this letter has been sent for exclusive publication in The Times, and has not been sent anywhere else.

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