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Nude Summer of Love Parade

A Message from Gypsy Taub.

Dear Body Freedom lovers,
You are all invited to our very first Nude Summer of Love Parade in honor of Jerry Garcia. August 1st is his birthday and August 9th is the day he died.

Please join us to celebrate the hippie movement and all the liberation that it brought to America and to the rest of the world.

The hippie movement started here, in San Francisco, and then it has and still continues to change the world. As we all know, body freedom, sexual freedom and freedom of choice and self-expression were very important aspects of that movement. Civil rights movement and massive rebellion against the oppression of the human race have also permanently changed our planet for the better. Today we take many of our freedoms for granted and often forget that it took a multi-generation worldwide movement to secure those rights and to make them a normal part of our daily lives.

Let’s get naked to honor and to celebrate the power of love and freedom! Let’s get naked to celebrate the beauty of an open heart and an open mind! Let’s celebrate the beauty of nature, of the human body and spirit!

The Summer of Love started in the 60s but it never has to end. It is up to us to keep it alive in our hearts and minds. It is up to us to continue this tradition of liberation of the human race through love, understanding and compassion. It is up to us to continue pushing the envelope and reaching for greater and greater freedom. It is up to us to never give up and never settle for mediocrity.

Please join us in our celebration of the new spirituality and the new world! It is up to us to create that world; it is up to us to manifest our dreams and to inspire others to dream.

Please come as bare as you dare and please feel free to wear flowers, to paint peace signs on your body and to bring signs or objects that reflect the spirit of the Summer of Love!

We will gather at Jane Warner Plaza (Castro, 17th Street and Market Street) at 11 am. The parade will begin at noon.

We still don’t have the permit from the SFPD so there may be changes to the date and to the parade route. But most likely it will remain the same.

Parade will start at 11 am (march will start at noon) from Jane Warner Plaza to Haight and Ashbury corner. We will take pics there and proceed to the park. Unfortunately, the park is under a different jurisdiction so we are not allowed to be nude there but we will still march to the park and then back to Jane Warner Plaza or you are welcome to stay at the park or a Haight and Ashbury. That area is great for nude activism, people are very supportive there.

After adding up all the donations that I received at the Pride Parade and through PayPal I almost have enough to cover this month’s legal fees. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! If you haven’t donated in a while please send us some donations towards our legal bill for August. You can PayPal it to gypsytaub AT gmail DOT com or email me for other arrangements.

I created a Facebook page for the parade. Please spread the word! This link should work from your Facebook account:

Jane Warner Plaza, North on Waller Street, North on Divisadero, West on Haight to Stanyan and back – East on Haight, South on Divisadero, South on Castro to Jane Warner Plaza.

We will stop at Haight and Ashbury corner to take pictures.

This route may change so please stay tuned for updates from mynakedtruth.

I hope to see you all there!
With love,

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