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News from NAG – June 2016

Eat Naked
After the Naked Chef (sorry Jamie), the Naked Restaurant is coming London: The Bunyadi. This story has gained traction on social media especially, but the earliest article I could find about it was in Time Out London (19/04/16) where it is described as ‘a dining experience “removed from the trappings of modern life”’. The restaurant is divided into two sections, clothed and unclothed, those who choose the unclothed section will be shown to a changing room to undress and put on a gown. Total nudity is optional. The waiting staff will also be nude apart from one item of clothing, an apron presumably.

The Bunyadi promo image

The Bunyadi is a pop-up and here only for the summer. At the time of writing there were already 23,500 people on the waiting list, so…. If you’re really desperate to have a naked dining experience then you might have to slip the headwaiter (waitress) something to get in. Just be careful about where you put it.

NOTE: As of 21 May 2016, there were nearly 38,000 people looking to eat at The Bunyadi.

Fair’s Fair
Steve Gough and childWhen Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik won his court case seeking a more lenient prison regime, fellow reprobate Duncan Heenan asked on the BN Forum, ’Should Steve Gough seek redress for his decade of ‘inhuman treatment’ from the Prison Services in England and Scotland?’

Heenan was more than likely just being mischievous but Neo-fascist Breivik, who murdered 77 people in two attacks, in July 2011, spends up to 23 hours per day in solitary confinement (at time of writing), with no interaction with other prisoners, while contact with the prison staff was through thick glass. Judge Helen Andenaes Sekulic said this amounted to ‘inhuman treatment’. Of course, in my opinion, the essential difference between Gough and Breivik is that Gough could have ended his ‘inhuman treatment’ by putting some clothes on. Tell us what you think by writing to HEN’s letters’ page.

INF-FNI Replies
Following on from the open letter by Stéphane Deschênes about reforming the INF, they have now replied with a point-by-point rebuttal, denying anything is wrong or putting the blame for inaction elsewhere.

The only positive move is a promised workshop on naturism being a philosophy or an ideology, but I won’t be holding my breath. They have held workshops on this or that in the past and what came out of them? It is just my opinion, but to me the INF-FNI lacks drive. It lacks a focus, and perhaps more importantly, it lacks a purpose for it to exist. Deschênes’ idea of turning the INF-FNI into a naturist UN will give it a purpose and focus, but drive? That can only come from the people in it.

Spencer Tunick in Hull
Another item that has seen a lot of interest, as Spencer Tunick is planning to carry out one of his art installations in HEN’s beloved Hull. There is still time for you to sign up for this event as it doesn’t happen until 9th July, or you can volunteer for a different event if you wish, but you must be over 18 to participate. Hull is the UK’s City of Culture for 2017.

In early March, Kim Kardashian posted nude selfies on Instagram and whatever you might think of the pop/reality starlet, they have sparked off discussion about what the naked female body has to do with feminism on the Internet. Writing in Huffington Post (US edition; 29/03/16), Katherine Ripley asked ‘What do we want our children to learn about nudity?’.

While some posters pointed out that nudity could be empowering, others in response to the same picture said it sent the wrong message to young women. Nailing her colours to the ‘anti’ pop-singer Pink said that women feel more “pride and self respect” if they used their brains and talent instead of their bodies.

This is undoubtedly confusing for young girls who look up to these entertainers, whose advice do they follow? As Ripley wrote, it’s ‘complicated’.

‘I want my daughter to see nudity as neutral. But I don’t want her to be taken advantage of by a world that still thinks nudity is sexual, and sees it as a reason to objectify and denigrate women,’ Ripley adds. ‘How do I say to her, “Nudity is no big deal, but you need to be very careful about whom you’re sending nude photographs to”?’ continues Ripley. ‘How do I say to her, “Women should be able to show their nipples on social media, but you probably shouldn’t do that because you might attract attention from creepy men online”?’.


It’s very sad and damming for the human race that men can think so little of women, when we are two sides of the same coin.

Doctor Sunshine
Yet more evidence that sunshine, taken in moderation, does you good.

An article from BBC News tells of research findings presented at a meeting of the American College of Cardiology by a team from Leeds Teaching Hospitals, suggests that vitamin D supplements could help people with heart disease.

The team studied a group of people who had low levels of vitamin D, even in summer, and had an average age of 70. They were either given 100 microgram of the vitamin or a sugar pill each day for a year.

Early indications suggest vitamin D supplements could be just as effective in increasing the amount of blood the heart can pump around the body as more expensive drugs.

It isn’t clear why the vitamin is improving heart function and a larger study is needed. In the meantime, medical advice is that there is no safe way to suntan but the skin’s reaction to sunlight produces more vitamin D than oily fish, eggs and other foods.

Naked Fashion
Came across an article by Felicity Jones of YNA describing the “making of” a US reality show ‘Project Runway All Stars Naturist Episode’. The host, former Charmed actress Alyssa Milano, is an advocate for body positive attitudes and public breastfeeding, and it was her involvement that led YNA to agree to do the show.

Over three days, 10 naked ‘models’ – including Felicity herself – were provided with a bespoke winter coat. The idea of them providing ‘breezy, but functional summer clothing’ considered too easy for the designers.

It might be strange to have a fashion show feature naturists but it certainly got people talking about nudity in American society, both for and against.

What’s happened to Nudist Clubhouse?
At the time of writing it has been more than a month since the Nudist Clubhouse was taken off the Internet, following a cyber attack, allegedly from Ukraine.

A statement by Nudist Clubhouse management just says ‘We are currently working to protect things, and are unsure what the future holds at this time.’ Surely they have an idea by now? Can its many users have some news please!

Screen Shot Nudst Club House

Screen capture dated 21 May 2016

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