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It’s surprising what you can learn from the radio?

Those of you who have been getting posts from NAG for some time should have guessed by now that I’m a fan of BBC Radio 4 and one of its best programmes on at the moment is The Unbelievable Truth, a comedy quiz show built on truth and lies.

I invite you to listen to the latest episode, available for the next 28 days on the BBC Radio iPlayer, hosted by David Mitchell, with panellists Susan Calman, Jack Dee, Henning Wehn and Jon Richardson.

What past-time links children’s writer Enid Blyton and physicist Charles Richter, the inventor of the Richter Scale? What did 18th Century widows do to ensure the debts of their late husband did not pass on to their new husbands when they remarried?

Listen to Susan Calman’s essay to find out. This isn’t as far off topic as it may seem!

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