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Police & Crime Commissioner elections 5th May – a campaigning opportunity!

Elections for Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) throughout England & Wales take place on 5th May. Though this is greeted with a big yawn by many people, it is important as the PCC is our democratic word-in-the-ear of police forces, and exercise political and financial control of them. So to naturists it affords a good opportunity for personal ‘micro-campaigning’. Even if you have no particular issues with the police regarding naturism, it is worth contacting your PCC candidates and asking them what their attitude is to nudity in public places such as beaches, parks and the countryside. There is no point in just asking their attitude to ‘naturism’, as many will either not know what is meant by the term, or assume it means Club naturism, which is never an issue.

Even if your PCC candidates don’t answer, or whatever their answer, by contacting them you are making them aware that naturists exist and have a vote. One reason why naturists are forgotten in policy making is that they just don’t speak up, and so the decision makers don’t even think of them. So please use this opportunity to make sure your PCC knows that naturists care how they are treated by the police. If you get an answer, it might even influence how you vote!

To find out who your local PCC candidates are, just type into Google Search “Police and Crime Commissioner election candidates [enter your county]” , and you will  get links to all the information you need.

Time is short to the elections, so don’t delay, do it today!

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